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Mindtree unlocks 30% capital through Lift and Shift migration to AWS from RackSpace


One of the world's leading multi-national food manufacturer company aimed to unlock its capital through migration. It needed to migrate its datacenter from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The migration included 700 digital properties.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge was to mitigate the risks involved in migration as the targeted top sites - considered as the “Crown Jewels”, were to be moved to cloud. These top sites accounted for 75% of traffic volume to the client, hence leading to a huge impact to the client business.

Mindtree’s Solution:

Mindtree approach was to provide the best solution using the core steps of Mindtree’s 7 stages to cloud. As a part of Cloud Advisory, PoCs, templates creation, tool evaluation, workshops on feasibility of platforms and migration were done to show confidence in migration to cloud. Then a portfolio analysis was performed on the existing applications, to test the suitability of different technology stacks like AEM and .NET with the platforms, third party integrations, etc. Post the analysis, a cloud reference architecture comprising of network, security, network connectivity, AWS acccount, IAM, deployment architecture of all application, DR strategy and the detailed migration plan, schedule and cost was provided. Migration factory analysis was performed after detailed study of the application landscape and Mindtree proposed a strategy and the sequence of migration, with a factory-based use of a third-party tools for the lift-and-shift scenarios. Then in the cloud build stage, Mindtree helped design a datacentre which included networking, web application firewall and detailed cloud monitoring. Mindtree also provided 99.9% availability by applying CloudOps and a mature DevOps process.

The migration solution used lift and shift strategy resulting in a comprehensive solution stack which is highly available across multi-AZs and comprising of .NET applications with AEM CMS. The solution leverages Amazon VPC, Site to Site VPN network connectivity between on premise and AWS, AWS S3, AWS EC2 instances, RDS SQL Server and MySQL for databases, AWS S3, CloudWatch Monitoring, Cloud Trail for audit logging and AWS IAM.

To provide the client with efficient performance and value for money, we opted for an AWS Trusted Advisor. This helped us stand by our promise of providing the best resources at optimised costs. Not only this, Mindtree could now focus on performance and provide fault- tolerant information.

On the security front, Mindtree was able to ensure security of resources using the access provided by the AWS Trusted Advisor. This included access to specific ports having unrestricted data, IAM User data, MFA on Root Account and service limits. Also, protection of root account credentials is considered as priority. We created fine grained permissions to resources under AWS account, applied them to groups and then assigned users to those groups using AWS IAM to ensured users have privilege as per neccesity to accomplish the tasks.

The migration was performed with Racemi which provides fully automated and scalable migration.

The DR Strategy – Backup and restore was considered with RTO of 24 hrs and RPO of 4 hrs. Solution was designed highly available in multiple AZs with 99.53%.

DR Strategy-mindtree-unlocks-30-capital-through-lift-and-shift-migration-to-aws-from-rackspace

Business Benefits:

The client benefited with 30% more cash flow which further helped them invest in new areas and grow their market. The projected savings about 25% of the operational spend ($1M approx.) was reflected. There was also a 20% cost reduction on incumbent contract. The cost savings that we were able to drive over the years is as below:

  • End of 2016 - Rackspace Costing was $ 130,000 per month
  • Mid of 2017 - AWS Cost post complete migration $ 92,000 per month – 29.2% savings
  • End of 2017 - AWS infra post optimization $ 74,000 per month – Savings of 43% as compared to 2016

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