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Mindtree's expertise in machine to machine (M2M)


Mindtree offers end-to-end service capabilities in the field of M2M for various verticals. This includes smart energy, home automation, consumer systems, healthcare, telematics and navigation. Our customer base comprises device manufacturers, software vendors and service providers.

Mindtree's expertise in machine to machine (M2M)

Solution Accelerators

We deploy in-house Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for M2M, to deliver key managed services like MDM / MAM to our customers. This SDP integrates with any of your standard DM Servers via Web APIs and provides a unified interface for device management.

Mindtree's expertise in machine to machine (M2M)

Service offerings

  • Customer M2M product development
  • Module development for CDMA, WCDMA, GPS, Zigbee, WiMAX, LTE and bluetooth
  • Carrier customization and product commercialization
  • Mobile application development
  • M2M device management and application management
  • System integration and validation
  • Data analytics and intelligence generation for IOT

Success stories

  • Developed and deployed a complete device management platform (client and server) for an FMCG major
  • Developed an embedded MDM client for a Japanese customer, which collects and submits metrics surrounding events of interest to the MDM server
  • Integrated the FOTA engine from Redbend for Mindtree phone
  • Developed, performance tuned and operator-customized an OMA-DM based device management solution
  • Customized our customer’s home device manager solution for service providers like Telefonica
  • Developed NFC-based E-Wallet system for a Japanese customer
  • Developed mobile payment platform for US-based customer in eCommerce space
  • Developed and tested value-added features on the customer’s service delivery platform, for a European leader in navigation devices and services space
  • Facilitated remote NOC operations and backend application management for technical support for a navigation service provider
  • Conducted data analytics services on navigation data to identify traffic patterns, congestion correlation, etc.
  • Developed a security device that helps people in insecure environments for a UK-based personal security device OEM
  • Developed an end-to-end, low-cost vehicle tracking and remote diagnostic solution for a leading US automotive diagnostics OEM.
Mindtree's expertise in machine to machine (M2M)

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