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Mindtree’s infrastructure solution to a leading multinational consumer goods company



The client is a leading multinational consumer goods company with a rich history spanning over a 100 years. Having over 60 brands, it delivers a wide range of products across consumer health, personal care, hygiene, as well as fabric and home care, and many more.


Owing to the large number of brands they had, the client had a high business demand - but due to existing DC limitations, they were unable to scale them. Moreover, it was also a challenge to manage their existing vendors, which would often complicate digital operations due to their expectations. Ultimately, their existing digital infrastructure strategy was inadequate and needed to be replaced by something that improved their business bottom line.


For the assessment stage of the engagement, Mindtree provided a detailed review of applications and infrastructure. Moreover, we provided the strategy as well as the sequence of migration as well.

During the transition stage, Mindtree performed factory-based migration. Using Lift & Shift (or rehosting) strategy to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), we migrated Sitecore Master, Core, Web and Pub databases to Azure SQL Server. Moreover, we also Migrated MSSQL MySQL Databases to Azure SQL Server PaaS & MySQL PaaS. As a result of this, there was a seamless cutover to Operations.

Finally, during the Automation phase of the project, we automated migration using Mindtree Accelerators. Deploying Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), we used ARM templates to provision the Sitecore Content Authoring (CA) and Content Delivery Servers (CD).


By facilitating a large-scale Cloud Migration, Mindtree was able to deliver:

  • First time right execution
  • No unscheduled downtime during the migration resulting in no negative impact to business
  • Migration of 700+ digital properties from CTL to Azure
  • Cloud migration of top clusters for all customer facing sites
Mindtree’s infrastructure solution to a leading multinational consumer goods company

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