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Mindtree's virtual store solutions


Business challenges

Avid shoppers demand real life shopping experience when shopping online. And therefore, businesses constantly seek alternative approaches to transform shopper’s interaction with digital content. The need of the hour is to make shopping more immersive by creating solutions for a more interactive shopping experience. This will help end users to get more options, recommendations, product and service comparisons as well as personalized service.

Our solution

Mindtree has leveraged advanced surface technologies to create a 3D replica of a shopping mall. It enables shoppers to explore and purchase products within the application. This revolutionary approach transforms shopper’s interaction with digital content and touchscreen experience. Our virtual store solution enables people to connect, learn and make purchase decision. Changing the way people interact, using a stunning 360-degree interface. The applications ‘see’ and respond to touch ― supporting more than 50 simultaneous inputs. It’s a multi-touch, multi-use computing system that responds to hand gestures and real-world objects. This makes the digital content more engaging; completely uplifting your shopping experience.

This application displays the complete 3D view of a shopping mall, its floors, display racks and products. This can be used to browse through the entire mall, floor-wise and section-wise. It allows you to search and shop for a particular brand or apparel with a single touch. The virtual environment allows life like exploration of the mall / retail outlets using the virtual environment - get directions, search desired products, get product details with 360 degree view. It also allows to add your selection to the virtual shopping cart for checkout. The functionalities and usages of this application can be limited only by your imagination.

Mindtree’s retail virtual store app

This app is built using Microsoft’s PixelSense developer and design guidelines. Application features are:

  • Complete 3D view of the structure of the shopping mall
  • Virtual walkthrough on any floor across the mall using single touch. Explore the desired floor and get complete 3D view of the floor
  • Rotate / scale or navigate through any floor
  • Virtual walkthrough of sections and brands of interest
  • Browse racks and zoom on selected bundle
  • Drag out individual products to view complete product info including online price comparisons and comments of friends on social network
  • Add to shopping cart functionality available on product display
  • Get multiple shopping cart management functionalities - clear cart, add / remove items, change quantity, update grand total and checkout
  • Search for desired brand using virtual touch keypad on the interface. Select and get animation that directs you to the location of desired brand / section
  • Search and browse through the product catalog. Select desired product, access the information and purchase it
Mindtree's virtual store solutions

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