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MOTIF (Multi-Retailer On-Time In-Full)


Protect 3% of your revenue from disappearing needlessly

As the industry moves toward greater accountability, large retailers like Walmart are implementing financial penalties on suppliers for failure to comply with On-Time In-Full (OTIF) requirements. This could mean losing 3% of the cost of goods sold for the non-compliance orders.

Mindtree’s Multi-Retailer On-Time In-Full solution (MOTIF), can help reduce or eliminate OTIF penalties altogether. The solution is designed to help automate and maintain OTIF compliance with a goal to eliminate OTIF penalties, so you are not throwing away 3% of your revenue. MOTIF uses a machine learning engine that has pre-built algorithms that will run smart time analytics to achieve this.

Imagine a world where your customers can have products at their stores when they need it. Imagine, at the same time, you as the supplier need to know the optimal time to move stock to ensure your products are delivered on time and in full to alleviate paying heavy OTIF fines. The truth is that this scenario is closer than you think. With Mindtree’s Multi-Retailer On-Time In-Full (MOTIF) solution it’s today’s reality.


Our MOTIF solution allows you to accurately forecast savings as well as stock movements based on real-time data solutions. By overlaying data from the past, the present and Point of Sale (POS) we can predict when you need to keep your supplies moving. We use a tried and tested process to automate the supply lines to keep your business moving in the right direction Avoid the 3% penalties for items that arrive late and keep your products on the shelf.

MOTIF is technology agnostic meaning that it is applied to a wide range of technology landscapes such as SAP and Microsoft Azure. If you’re interested in saving money and retaining happy customers, reach out to our MOTIF experts today.

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