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MOTIF (Multi-Retailer On-Time In-Full)


Retailers don’t want to look like they are going out of business and want fully stocked shelves but don’t want to be responsible to carry huge inventory costs, they have adopted just in time inventory practices which means that they expect their CPG partners to ship them what they need very close to when they need it. Since there is a risk of out of stocks if CPG manufacturers cannot fulfill orders, retailers have assigned fines of up to 3% retail value for any shipments late or short filled. Wal-Mart started this initiative and many other retailers have jumped on board, delivery windows have also been shortened to suit the retailers. CPG companies delivering their product via these retailers DC’s can either accept OTIF penalties or get in front of their own order management. Perfect order attainment is the goal but benchmarking where you are and where the issues are to attain that goal are critical to solving the OTIF challenge.

We do this by:

  • Ability to archive historical data.
  • Work with CPG companies to customize reports and visualizations for various parts of their organization.

The benefits include providing a risk assessment on every order to help CPG manufacturers get ahead of problems and aid order management, there is no worry about filtering and cleansing data and the ability to visualize data at the CPG company level: not just through the Walmart lens, works with any retailer and our clients won’t pay penalties. Not only do CPG manufacturers save on OTIF penalties, they will also get ahead of lost sales due to out of stocks ultimately keeping their consumers happy.

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