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Network Equipment manufacturer reduces OpEx, improves time-to-market using automation


The client is a leading Network equipment manufacturer based in US dealing in a range of servers among other network equipment.

The Challenge:

Mindtree is responsible for product certification and interop testing across a range of servers supplied by a US network equipment manufacturer. Seven server variants support numerous combinations of adapters provided by third party vendors and Operating Systems (OS). To get a sense of the different permutations involved, each of the 7 servers have to qualify across 20 adapters and 10 OS combinations.

The extensive qualification cycle was not only delaying time-to-market but also increasing capital expenditure. .

Mindtree’s Solution:

Mindtree recommended Compatibility Automation Suite (CAS) framework which was being used for other products by the client. The entire test case suite of 20,000+ components was ported on to the new platform. Mindtree also developed additional automation tools to handle firmware upgrade, release planning and perform sanity checks of the new OS and adapters provided by third party vendors.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduction in capital expenditure due to hardware optimization
  • Reduction in Operational Expenditure (OpEx) as a result of Test automation
  • Test bed set-up time reduced by 75%
  • Test coverage increased from 35% to 75%

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Equipment manufacturer reduces costs, increases time-to-market using automation

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