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A network operations center with deep focus on business continuity for a North American bank


The banking, financial services and insurance industry is highly dependent on technology, including the ability to store sensitive data and communicate between locations with high service availability.

Here is how Mindtree helped a commercial, international and private banking services provider set up a Network Operations Center (NOC) for cost-effective round-the-clock operations through a customized solution.

The challenge

The customer's asset-monitoring system was not able to manage their IT operations. Their most critical need was to ensure business continuity by leveraging a partner with deep domain knowledge who could rapidly transition their IT operations to a new platform, without compromising accuracy and performance.

The customer chose Mindtree for our domain and technology expertise; and ability to provide multi-tier technical support from a remote location.

Our solution

Mindtree developed a customized solution for the customer incorporating offshore support, our proprietary asset-monitoring system MWatch; and a RIM solution with robust security and governance.

First we assesses the customer's needs and developed key performance indicators (KPIs) for each area of the NOC, including network devices, servers, databases and Web services. We then identified potential go-live issues through multiple cutover simulations.

The new NOC was deployed in Bangalore, India with the capability to proactively monitor the customer's network, systems, applications and database infrastructure and notify users of service disruptions. A disaster recovery center was also deployed to ensure continuity of the NOC’s operations, and by deploying Mindtree's proprietary MWatch system we were able to deliver on-demand, real-time dashboards as well as historical reports.

The NOC has enabled the customer to enjoy better service response, quick resolution of user-reported issues and higher satisfaction across the organization. Further, our cost-effective RIM solution has provided stability, accessibility, security, flexibility and disaster recovery.

An important element of our solution was the talent that Mindtree deployed for the customer. Engineers with advanced levels of certification and technical subject matter expertise went a long way toward helping the customer meet its challenges.

Business impact

  • Best-in-class resolution time
  • Sophisticated monitoring of IT infrastructure allows the IT function to focus on strategic goals
  • Lower total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure
  • Lower risk of IT failure with end-to-end remote monitoring
A network operations center with deep focus on business continuity for a North American bank

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