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Predictable and high performing IT infrastructure for a global financial trading systems provider


Enterprises depend heavily on their IT infrastructure to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. Superior infrastructure management processes ensure predictable delivery of customer applications, with high reliability, security and performance.

Here’s how Mindtree helped a global financial trading systems provider, build predictability in the performance of their critical IT infrastructure.

The challenge

The customer is a global options trading and market making company, conducting trading and statistical arbitrage in listed equity derivatives. Their business requires efficient networks that make system speed and latency extremely critical. The customer was expected to proactively monitor IT infrastructure, through standard tools and follow industry-best practices for IT service management. However, they did not have a structured process for infrastructure monitoring and management. Their infrastructure management was person dependent and did not scale up with business growth.

The key challenges faced by the customer included:

  • Lack of structured processes and guidelines for infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Lack of internal capability to maintain the infrastructure, including critical servers and latency sensitive WAN links globally
  • Lack of a ticketing and change management system
  • Enterprise infrastructure monitoring and incident management was primarily email based
  • IT infrastructure was undergoing changes that were not tracked, scheduled and in some cases not approved

Our solution

Mindtree took a consulting-led approach and addressed the customer challenges in three phases:


  • Assessed their IT infrastructure
  • Defined the scope of monitoring
  • Worked with the customer's IT team and finalized the parameters to be monitored
  • Recommended cost effective monitoring tools that met customer requirements


  • Set up the offshore Network Operations Center (NOC) in India, with an IPSEC VPN link over the Internet
  • Customized the tools based on requirements and tool capability
  • Finalized the alerting system thresholds
  • Prepared run books for each alert and updated the ticketing system and Wiki
  • Updated infrastructure process documentation


  • Conducted training for the customer’s IT team and offshore monitoring team
  • Proactively monitored customer IT infrastructure including servers, network equipment and WAN links
  • Performed preliminary troubleshooting and provided solutions
  • Proactively analyzed the configuration changes on the network equipment
  • Provided periodic measurements of the implemented solution through daily, weekly and monthly reports with metrics and incidents

Business impact

  • 100% IT infrastructure availability during business hours
  • Zero infrastructure outage through proactive monitoring and issue fixes
  • Enabled better decision making and capacity planning, by providing accurate infrastructure data and performance trends of the servers
  • Formalized the infrastructure processes and set up a knowledge management platform
Predictable and high performing IT infrastructure for a global financial trading systems provider

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