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Predictable browsing for the top 5000 sites on the latest version of Internet Explorer


The challenge

The customer is one of the largest software product companies in the world. Its browser team required the compatibility of several web sites to be tested on the latest version of the Internet Explorer. The customer wanted a test partner to test compatibility of 5000 top pre-selected sites and other geo specific high traffic web sites and report back the results. The compatibility testing was to compare the latest IE browser with the previous versions and also with other competitors like Firefox and Chrome. This also included testing non-English web sites, that required language expertise in the team.

Flexibility in accommodating other activities like bug scrubbing, CV list validation, accessibility testing and servicing of previous versions, on demand basis. This required a sudden change in the test bed setup within the limited hardware and show progress in aggressive timelines.

Our solution

Mindtree did the following:

  • Established a 'Factory Model' of execution by defining processes for test execution, bug filing and QA Pass. Reviewing check points at different stages of testing ensured higher quality standards of output
  • Estimated the effort and formed a team to handle the required number of test pass and other activities in each quarter
  • Established a process for site execution, review process for reviewers and the QA pass
  • Applied all customer practices to form an extended IE compatibility test team for the IE engineering team and Microsoft partners
  • Performed the initial analysis of compatibility issues using the display applet widget and the browser’s developer toolbar (F12) and suggested a possible solution to the IE engineering for fix tested sites from multiple locations with proper synchronization

Our approach

  • Mindtree focused on the following key issues:
  • Invested in a quality and process expert to guide the team to operate in a factory model engagement
  • Deployed a team including a Test Manager to establish test processes, metrics and test plans at multiple locations
  • Customized the test process by creating a common process and workflow document to ensure the quality of work was not compromised
  • Identified gaps in the current processes, suggested changes that resulted in overall turnaround time in bug fixing
  • Set up a repository of continuously updated processes and technical artifacts to enable quick ramp up of new team members
  • Incorporated changes in the process and tasks on time
  • Showed great flexibility in performing multiple tasks concurrently and switching tasks in between or during a test pass to work as an extended IE compatibility test team for the IE engineering team
  • Hired a Test Manager who:
    • Focused on defining the test goals and roadmap, setting up test processes and adherence, managing and driving test schedules
    • Owned product quality as well as the team’s operational efficiency and represented the test function at various forums and meetings

Business impact

  • Continues to deliver high quality as a test partner for compatibility since the release of IE 8
  • The factory model helped customer engage with Mindtree with less than 5% effort on vendor management
  • Helped the IE development and engineering team to identify and fix 80% of the compatibility issues before the scheduled release
  • Saved 20% of the development cycle time through bug scrubbing
  • Saved an average of 16 person hours per day through change in the bug filing process
  • More than 90% of the 'Modern Browser' bugs reported on the top 500 sites resulted in the site owners making content plug-in free, to make their site more compatible with the 'Modern Browser'
Predictable browsing for the top 5000 sites on the latest version of Internet Explorer

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