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Predictable quality of 200+ banking applications. With one solution


Great applications are the result of accelerated development and rigorous testing. At Mindtree, the two go together. We employ an ROI-based testing approach that factors in the customer's QA challenges and the end user’s expectations.

With each project, we help customers deliver a defect-free solution by efficiently and effectively predicting and managing risks. Here’s a story that illustrates how we work.

The challenge

A leading US bank specializing in commercial banking services for emerging and specialized markets, needed a partner to manage end-to-end testing of 200+ applications. Their key challenges included an unpredictable service delivery, rising costs and the lack of a single-view metrics dashboard for testing.

Our solution

Mindtree enabled a robust delivery model, with our in-depth understanding of the customer’s business and IT needs. We designed a managed test function model as an end-to-end testing solution. This helped the customer predict and save IT costs and more importantly minimized risks in service delivery.

Our approach

  • End-to-end ownership and accountability of testing
  • Established a service delivery mechanism defined by 17 SLAs
  • Defined and normalized unit of work model
  • Designed comprehensive system integration testing process for banking applications
  • Automated testing through our proprietary banking test suite

Business impact

  • 100% successful adherence to test cycle lead time
  • 20% cost savings of test execution
  • Consistent and measurable quality, through SLA based service delivery
  • >= 95% DRE over one year
  • 90% on-time delivery
  • >= 95% test coverage
  • Improved predictability in costs and risks through unit-based price model
Predictable quality of 200+ banking applications. With one solution

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