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Reduced maintenance costs and improved user productivity for a leading publishing house


Global expansions threaten legacy systems of large publishing enterprises affecting their operational efficiency and business performance.

Here’s a story on how Mindtree helped a global publisher reduce maintenance costs and enhance customer service, by modernizing their core applications.

The challenge

The customer needed a makeover of their core applications. The legacy system was taxed with applications that could not scale impacting performance. Their multi-geography presence added to the complexity, while the redundant systems were increasing the maintenance overheads. They needed a global system with a modernized framework to achieve operational efficiency.

The customer faced the following challenges:

  • Integration of a third party tool into the modernized framework
  • Huge time and cost implications to rewrite the complex system
  • Risk of reusing the common applications

Our solution

Mindtree collaborated with the customer to modernize their core system. We created a framework with enhanced functionality, using the existing applications. Mindtree delivered a one-click, seamless integration with other modules. This laid a strong foundation for a global system that reduced maintenance, improved user productivity and enhanced customer service.

Our approach

  • Upgraded the legacy system (AS / 400) applications inside a LANSA application framework
  • Modernized application navigation and developed a staged path for application replacement and deployment
  • No additional changes to the existing server logic
  • Consolidated functionality of the core application and implemented a security module into RAMP framework
  • Introduced special features like 'print and archive' and conditional display of data in the grid

Business impact

  • Delivered a cost-effective solution by reusing the core application business logic
  • Increased operational efficiency and improved user productivity
  • Reduced the maintenance overheads significantly
  • Enhanced customer service
Reduced maintenance costs and improved user productivity for a leading publishing house

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