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Reengineered virtual infrastructure for a leading private equity enterprise


Participants in the private equity sector rely on robust IT infrastructure to maintain business continuity and support critical functionality. Interruptions to IT services can have a severe impact on time-sensitive business decisions.

Here is how Mindtree helped an award-winning global asset management enterprise close critical gaps in its IT infrastructure to ensure higher performance and customer satisfaction at lower cost.

The challenge

The customer was experiencing business disruptions due to issues with their IT infrastructure design. For instance:

  • There was an increase in unscheduled downtime of business-critical applications
  • Messaging infrastructure performance was worsening for hundreds of users
  • Incidents had grown15% to approximately 700 per month
  • There was a significant increase in annual operations costs due to inefficient controls and infrastructure design

Recognizing that its engineering team was ill-equipped to provide a long-term fix, the customer approached Mindtree to assess and close engineering design gaps in a short span of time. They also wanted a partner that could provide standby engineering support, gradually transitioning to full ownership.

The larger aim was to re-engineer virtual infrastructure in pursuit of lower downtime, and improved reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our solution

Mindtree began the project with an internal ‘infra-design assessment’ of virtual infrastructure. This design assessment compared existing configurations with their respective vendor’s best practices. This approach exposed several non-compliances to meet bare minimum configuration for optimum performance, such as misaligned input/output on storage leading to poor performance.

After a detailed infrastructure assessment, Mindtree came up with a risk analysis and mitigation plan. The team also educated the customer's IT management on these risks and corrective actions. Findings were prioritized based on risk analysis and business impact. High risk and critical findings were tracked as separate projects and taken to successful closure.

For example, Mindtree instituted a high-availability solution for BlackBerry users with a robust disaster recovery plan. By doing this we achieved both availability and disaster preparedness objectives with a minimal number of BlackBerry servers. Our solution helped reduce RTO (Recovery Time Objective) to the lowest possible duration.

Business impact

  • Up to 450% improvement in email access time
  • 33% direct cost savings on messaging infrastructure backups
  • 100% reliability of data backups
  • Delivered IT engineering support with less than 50% Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)
Reengineered virtual infrastructure for a leading private equity enterprise

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