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Revolutionizing Customer Service with Cognitive Contact Centres


Since the dawn of industrialization, customer service has followed only one model. It takes into account the problems that customers face, but in the process of giving them solutions, forgets to account for the experience that customers may have. Many have struggled with frustrating customer service processes, whether it involves a customer service representative on the phone, or any other manner of addressing their issue, thus leading to the question: why have we not revisited and made changes to this model?

For many businesses, the cost has simply been too much to incur. Their focus has always been on reducing costs, as a result of which, their customer experience has been substandard, leading to loss of both clients, as well as reputation. However, when businesses have not had to worry about market share or profitability, they’ve often sacrificed customer retention in favour of higher revenues. But things are changing, and they are changing fast.

There is an adage: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This has been the prevailing mindset when addressing customer service. When we look at the way customer service is being offered today, we will realise that it is broken, and needs to be revisited urgently. While we delve into how this can be fixed, let’s first take a look at the core of the problem.

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Revolutionizing Customer Service with Cognitive Contact Centres

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