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Robust anti-theft technology driving customer preference for a leading manufacturer of processors and related technologies


Studies of the personal computer industry reveal that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds―and that nearly half of all lost laptops have confidential data but no encryption.

Here is how Mindtree helped a multinational manufacturer of processors develop an anti-theft solution that addresses this pressing issue; and support a major product launch.

The challenge : While laptop theft or loss is not preventable through technology, access to sensitive data on notebook computers can be restricted using anti-theft tools. Given the incidence of laptop theft and loss, the customer wished to develop a robust anti-theft solution as a potent selling point aimed at individual and business buyers. They also wanted to use the solution as part of the value proposition for an upcoming line of high-end subnotebooks.

However, as the customer's core competence lay in hardware components and technologies, they needed a technology partner with rich product engineering experience. They tasked Mindtree with designing an end-to-end solution encompassing hardware and software, with rapid turnaround and high quality. Desired features and timelines for the anti-theft solution included:

  • High-end data protection
  • Scalability
  • Support for 27 international languages.
  • Ability to support 10 million users concurrently
  • Release date aligned with launch of a new class of high-end subnotebooks; and the Windows 8 operating system

Mindtree solution:

Mindtree collaborated with the customer through all the phases required for product engineering of the customer's anti-theft technology.

Architecture and design phase

We evaluated the customer's Software Development Kit (SDK), created a proof of concept and assisted with designing a user interface for the anti-theft service.

Planning and development phase

Mindtree worked with multiple stakeholders to capture a comprehensive set of customer requirements around security, localization and global support. Our solution met stringent application and system security-related recommendations of the world’s top independent security agencies such as Leviathan and Hailstorm. We also built a simulator, and interacted with a key vendor to ensure end-to-end quality.

Deployment phase

The team provided deployment support, and managed the solution during the vital initial months following the launch to ensure smooth on-boarding of customers.

Other highlights

Mindtree deployed solution accelerators that automated the build process, reducing build time from 30 minutes to approximately two minutes. We also proactively identified and fixed several defects in each build provided by the customer's partner for internationalization and localization; and actively provided functional recommendations to enhance the service. In addition, we supplied technical and process-related suggestions to improve performance and reduce complexity of the multi-vendor environment.

Business impact

  • Strengthened customer value proposition
  • Support for critical product launch
  • Revenue growth supported by anti-theft functionality
  • Demand from 11 retailers and 37 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for provision of the service
  • Approximately ~ 20,000 subscriptions soon after the launch
Robust anti-theft technology driving customer preference for a leading manufacturer of processors and related technologies

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