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Run your datacenter operations like a business


Leading European telecommunications and IT service provider goes without a single P1 ticket for 162 days

  • Frequent Priority 1 (P1) incidents decreasing productivity?
  • Is it possible to run operations with reduced P1 tickets?
  • Is it possible to run IT datacenter operations like a business rather than worrying about it?
  • Do your business-critical servers suffer frequent outages?

Our client:

Mindtree manages end-to-end datacenter production infrastructure for a large mobile telecommunications company with offices spread across 180 countries. We have a track record of going 23 weeks without a P1 incident and we are still counting. We manage over 7000 servers with 100+gold applications, which directly impact the firm’s financial turnarounds. Our effort has resulted in zero downtime for their billing system and online business, even during the peak season. This has resulted is absolute elimination of financial loss due to unavailability of IT estate.

Our solution:

At Mindtree, we envision our engagements delivering unmatched quality of service to ensure that your business critical infrastructure and applications are nothing but productive. PACE is the substratum of our service - it stands for Performance, Availability, Capacity and Efficiency. Pillars of this structure are our NextGen Full Stack engineers, and incident, problem, and change teams who are empowered with automation.

Our full stack engineers are skilled and trained across domains, applications, servers, storages, networks, and database. With holistic understanding and effective monitoring, they derive patterns of failures and issues and resolve them efficiently. This ensures the best data management possible.

The incident management team worked in collaboration with the change management team to effectively fix high priority incidents with permanent solutions to data governance issues. The analyzed data was used to implement all possible proactive break fix issues and ensure drastic reduction in failures. The parallel activity of strong problem management ensured non-recurrence of past incidents. Most importantly, automation of tasks and shift left strategy helped us reduce operational costs and enabled the client to reinvest in new and innovative initiatives.

Run your datacenter operations like a business

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