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Sales enablement and user friendliness through an online interface for a leading software enterprise


The growing popularity of browser-based interfaces across software types has also found resonance in the file transfer software industry sector, replacing or complementing traditional desktop-based software.

Here is how Mindtree helped a leading provider of network management, file transfer and communication software to implement a Web services interface server to provide browser-based interaction, automation and easy integration with external systems.

The challenge

The customer was using a system where configuration, provisioning and monitoring was performed with a three-tier system consisting of a Microsoft Windows-based client connected to a backend user server which in turn was connected to a database.

They wanted to add a Web service to provide automation and easy integration with external systems and support for a browser based interface. Any functionality available earlier needed to be available through the Web services interface as well. As the backend user server was found to be unsuitable, a new services interface server needed to be put in place.

Mindtree collaborated with the customer to implement the new Web services interface server while meeting several challenges along the way; such as unplanned last-minute design changes and shortened timelines.

Our solution

Mindtree instituted a three-part solution based on a Web services layer, backend service interface and automated test client.

Web service layer: The team put in place an interface layer responsible for providing different security mechanisms, authentication and coordinating with core functionality.

Backend service interface: The backend interface formed a wrapper around existing functionality to support the Web service. The interface handles all communications to and from the Web service layer. It also handles user authorization by supporting 35 distinct rights to perform various actions.

Automated test client: The customer depended on us to choose the right automation tool. Based on their needs, we chose the SoapUI tool to automate testing and implemented testing using this tool.

Business impact

  • Improved convenience for end users
  • Facilitated packaging of a comprehensive solution
  • Enabled seamless integration with a companion product
  • Enabled the customer to win new accounts
  • Provided the customer the tools to enter new markets

Customer testimonial

‘I would like to recognize Mindtree’s strong contributions to this achievement with the delivery of Web services. The team’s collaboration and hard work were instrumental in making this possible. This is especially noteworthy due to the late change order for the porting of Web services to Apache Tomcat which Mindtree delivered ahead of schedule’.

- Senior Director of Programs

Sales enablement and user friendliness through an online interface for a leading software enterprise

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