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SAP Commerce Application: Migration to SAP Commerce Cloud


Over the last decade, the rise of e-commerce has made a huge impact on how businesses sell their products. The shift in consumer preference for speed, choice and efficiency has pushed many brands, retailers and shoppers away from retail stores towards online commerce. Many CPG companies are also adopting a D2C model, which caters directly to consumers by bypassing standard distribution channels and gaining direct access to them. These days, any business that wants to be successful in selling products or services online depends on an e-commerce solution. The next step in this evolution is cloud-based e-commerce, which brings up a new critical decision companies need to make to stay ahead of the curve – whether or not to make the switch. An e-commerce cloud solution offers major benefits to those who choose to go with it - faster speeds, improved server usage, and tighter security just to name a few. On top of that, businesses that go with cloud enjoy great budget savings due to lower setup and maintenance costs.

Mindtree is a SAP partner across various geographies with active partnerships in the US, Australia, MENA and APAC regions. For a decade, Mindtree has been cohesively working with SAP in various facets, ranging from product development, testing, consulting services to co-innovation, with a strong focus on new edge technologies. We have extensive experience in developing and maintaining SAP Commerce/Hybris applications and helped many of our customers migrate their applications from on-premise to cloud infrastructure.

If you are looking for a partner to complete end-to-end migration work, Mindtree’s Commerce Cloud Migration service is right for you.

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