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Shotclasses: Microlearning designed for getting better business results


Microlearning designed for getting better business results

Modern learners need access to relevant learningcontent anywhere, anytime, and on any device as workplaces become mobile and classroomboundaries cease to exist. Traditional learning methods fall short on these expectations as theyusually comprise ‘one size fits all’ learning solutions, rigid schedules, and boring or lengthy trainingmaterial.

Tackle disengagement at its heart

Microlearning tackles learner disengagement comprising reducing attention spans, unavailability of content at the time and point of need, and lack of engaging or relevant content. Bite-sized courses typically focus on a single topic, can be accessed online or offline on-the-go, and the courses are personalized to match learners’ needs and preferences. Hence, organisations are now turning to microlearning as just-in-time learning that employees can access on their own - anytime, anywhere instead of a traditional periodic training approach.

Measure and optimize your learning approach

As technologies, customers, and markets change rapidly, it is imperative for businesses to measure the impact of training and course-correct wherever required to maximize their investments. While traditional training material is lenghty and difficult to update, distribute and evaluate, microlearning content on the other hand, can be quickly updated/refurbished or even repurposed to garner greater impact. Measurement is easy, transparent and learners can self-track their progress.

Address diverse training needs with one solution

Microlearning ensures that all employees (sales, service, marketing, customer care etc.) and partners (distributors,dealers) are always up-to-date with the latest product/services information to meet evolving customer demands which is impossible with traditional training methods that involve physical face-to-face interactions. Microlearning presents the perfect opportunity to address diverse needs such as disseminating information on product/policy updates, ongoing promotions, industry best practices, organizational announcements, and more to all the stakeholders simultaneously.

Reimagine Learning and Engagement with Shotclasses

  • Gamification & Social Learning: Game-like mechanics and peer-to-peer learning to incentivize learners to improve attention, memory, and motivation.
  • Continuous and personalized engagement: Anytime, anywhere access to a business learning app in multiple languages to reinforce learning at the point of need.
  • Learning Option Recommendations: SaaS based platform that automates learning recommendations based on learners’ preferences and needs.
  • Impact Assessment: Impact measurement through interactive dashboards and real-time reports.

Shotclasses Benefits

A complete microlearning solution designed for modern enterprises and learners

Mindtree’s Shotclasses is a complete mobile-based microlearning offering that helps enterprises create and push relevant bite-sized courses, videos or tips/recommendations to employees at the point of need. With Shotclasses, enterprises have access to a cloud-based, gamified social learning platform that marries security with scalability and helps improve learning efficiency. The result: superior learner engagement, knowledge retention, and training effectiveness that translates into incremental business benefits.


Mobile-first microlearning software as a service for all enterprise customers with a simple UI

Success Partner

Consulting and concierge services for communication, monitoring, instructional design and rollout support to meet defined success criteria


Creation of new microlearning content and repurposing of existing content aligned with defined content strategy


OOTB integration with ID management system and various content sources; Open architecture to integrate with other enterprise systems

Why Mindtree?

  • Experience in delivering end-to-end microlearning solutions to global clients across 24 countries, in more than 9 languages.
  • Cloud based, device and bandwidth agnostic solution that automatically adjusts to available bandwidth and a wide spectrum of mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Windows OS.
  • Out-of-the box integration capability to popular identity and access management systems like Azure Active Directory, supporting SAML2.0/OAuth2.0 standards.
  • No maintenance or application infrastructure required for additional subscription license.
  • In-built high secure authentication and authorization mechanism with 99% availability.
  • We promise great quality delivered faster
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