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Superior customer experience for the world's leading provider of price management and optimization software


Price optimization is an important and effective lever for organizations to drive profitable growth. Enterprises need to make informed pricing decisions throughout the planning and execution phase.

Pricing software vendors are under pressure to deliver product portfolios that are easy to configure and provide timely professional services. Here’s how Mindtree partnered with the world’s leading enterprise price management solution provider, to deliver their flagship products at lower costs with superior customer experience.

The challenge

The customer’s solution offers enterprise-wide control of the entire pricing process and combines pricing sciences, best practices and enterprise class software.

They needed to rapidly release new product versions, offer better tooling, configuration and customization options to their customers. In addition, they had to support the older versions of the product to service the existing customer base.

Our solution

Mindtree provided product development, testing and customization support for the customer’s flagship products in analytics, deal management and price management.

We integrated the product with SAP ERP and and automated the proprietary APIs. Our dedicated professional services experts supported customization needs. We performed extensive verification, validation and configuration to meet the customer requirements.

Mindtree automated about 75% of test cases to realize rapid and high quality releases. We helped identify and solve performance bottlenecks through load and stress testing.

We enhanced product portability by certifying it across six operating systems, four application servers and two databases.

Our approach

Mindtree’s approach involved extensive automation, rapid customization and right sourcing to reduce time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.

Our methodical and efficient transfer of functional knowledge, roadmap and domain insights significantly improved engineering and testing efficiency.

Mindtree improved the product quality by adhering to automation processes and effectively leveraging our offshore delivery model.

Business impact

  • Increased penetration in European and Asian markets through localization and multi-lingual support
  • Accelerated time-to-market by contributing actively to the product roadmap
  • Reduced testing time per release through automation of test cases
  • Enabled successful implementations for many of the customer’s Fortune 500 clients
  • Increased market share with installed base
Superior customer experience for the world's leading provider of price management and optimization software

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