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Testing Data Sheet


Testing in a world built for speed

Testing has never been more critical to the success of your business—or more complex. Faced with accelerated go-to-market strategies and tighter release cycles, modern companies must reimagine how they test and deliver stable, high-quality software.

In our connected digital world, IT organizations are under unprecedented pressure to release defect-free software quickly. The demand for speed and efficiency means that testing and quality engineering must be integrated tightly with application and product development at each stage of the life cycle. Modern testing must also address challenges resulting from:

  • A diverse user base of customers and internal users, with technical capabilities ranging from novice to expert
  • The proliferation of devices, platforms and channels that must support a growing array of content and transactions
  • The growth of cloud-based distribution that requires seamless integration with multiple APIs

Mindtree's testing solutions:

Mindtree testing services provide the tools and practices to deliver quality engineering, not just quality control. Our approach to integrated testing services is centered on three key tenets:

Quality Whether you’re focused on creating better customer experiences, improving software performance or heightening security, quality must be measured with multiple yardsticks. That’s why our testing services include an end-to-end framework that spans the entire testing life cycle.

Efficiency With new technologies emerging faster than ever, testing teams must have the expertise to adopt Agile practices and DevOps. These methods let businesses jump-start automation through test-driven software and product development, as well as drive test execution efficiencies.

Speed Speed is measured not only by the pace at which testing is completed across diverse users and technologies, but also by how quickly you can correct problems if they arise. Mindtree leverages cloud-based testing tools and solutions to deliver the velocity you need to excel at both.

Overview of testing services

We offer a range of testing services to help you achieve your business goals.

Consultative and assessment services

Develop testing and quality strategy and establish the right testing model for the enterprise.

Quality engineering services

Apply the best testing strategies using our scalable and modularized test platform, deployed on premises or in the cloud, to help you realize the full value of your DevOps initiatives.

Standard testing services

  • Test management, test execution and end-to-end testing
  • Test execution efficiency
  • Automation testing
  • User experience testing
  • Performance engineering
  • Data testing

Technologies, frameworks and platforms

Mindtree uses a variety of technology-agnostic tools and platforms to deliver end-to-end testing services.

Dynamic Test Engineering Platform (DTEP)

Our cloud-enabled continuous test delivery platform facilitates automation across the entire software testing life cycle, improves communication between DevOps and testing teams, and reduces cycle times. DTEP is an aggregate of all our accelerators and uses a plug-and-play architecture.

Mindtree Integrated Scriptless Test (MIST)

Our universal automation framework enables business users, functional testers and test engineers to create test automation scripts. MIST is platform-agnostic and supports applications across a broad range of technologies, from mainframes to the latest innovations.


Our real-time digital performance monitoring and engineering platform helps assess and optimize the performance of web and mobile apps from more than 30 geographic locations and across channels (such as browsers, networks and locations). pWatch also compares app performance with the competition.

"When it comes to modern testing, Mindtree is two years ahead of everyone in the field"

—Head of Software Quality for a $7 billion e-commerce channel

Mindtree's Testing Practice

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