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Transformed service quality through testing solution for a leading US airline


Mature testing solutions and testing frameworks enable enterprises to deliver quality products to the consumer.

Here’s how Mindtree helped one of the largest airlines operating in the United States to deliver quality service to its customers.

The challenge

The client is one of the largest airlines operating in the US. It flies over 100 million passengers per year to over 70 destinations across the US. With a fleet of more than 550 aircrafts, it has one of the youngest fleets in the US. It operates more than 3,200 flights per day.

The customer needed a thorough testing transformation of its IT organization. The testing methodologies included risk based testing, agile testing and development of automation frameworks. The testing was for both their web based and thick clients. The customer also needed testing services across multiple tracks involving third party vendors.

Our approach

Mindtree has a decade of experience in the travel domain. We also have a strong testing team experienced in manual, automation and load testing. Our domain knowledge and testing solutions helped in building a strong testing framework for the customer. The focus was not only to develop testing frameworks but also help the customer understand the testing approach and build a credible Center of Excellence (CoE). Mindtree conducted a workshop for the airline’s key stakeholders to define the parameters of their intended testing CoE. On completion of the workshop, Mindtree defined and implemented the testing CoE that included the following:

Test process:

  • Defined test process standards and templates
  • Reported business and operational metrics to quantify testing
  • Trained test process and new methodologies

Testing tools / environment:

  • Test environment maintenance and support
  • Test data planning
  • Tools to generate test data
  • Tools to automate testing and risk based testing
  • Map for Knowledge Management and acquisition


  • Developed enterprise test automation strategy to address increased automation both upstream and downstream
  • Application selection criteria
  • Test case selection criteria
  • Application prioritization criteria
  • Functional automation selection criteria
  • Automation ROI template
  • Automation tools feasibility analysis template
  • Expanded automation to both web and thick client
  • Accomplished automation strategy for end-to-end testing

Resource management:

  • Created a flexible and multi-disciplined resource pool
  • Established a “flex ready” team to manage urgent resource needs
  • Required cross domain training for resources
  • Provided well defined resource on-boarding and training plan

Business impact

  • Reduction in testing window and total cost of maintenance
  • Alignment of business criticality with project constraints
  • Discovery of business and functional critical defects in severity order
  • Allowed product vendor support to be approached well ahead of time

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