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Unlock business potential with improved implementation


Intelligent, focused job execution can make your employees more productive by exploiting their full potential. This in turn, gives your enterprise a competitive edge. As the implementation partner for the SAP Cloud Solutions SuccessFactors BizX Suite, Mindtree is perfectly placed to help align your workforce to your business strategy with the right systems, processes and tools.

SuccessFactors’ (SF) BizXpert methodology

The success of any SF implementation is determined through expert process definitions and configurations. The Mindtree SF implementation team is constantly monitored by such experts. Our team consists of HCM domain experts, SAP HCM consultants and the SF engineering team, as well as SF certified consultants. This gives us an edge in understanding the needs of the HR process within the SF boundary and transforming the process to product configuration by our SMEs in SF modules.

The iterations are minimized and we get to the need of the customer within a short cycle of iterations, which results in a vastly improved implementation experience.

The Mindtree advantage

  • As an implementation partner for the SF BizX Suite, Mindtree team is adept in the following modules:
    • Employee files
    • Performance Management & Goal Management (PMGM )
    • Compensation management
    • Variable pay
    • Recruitment management and marketing
  • Our team consists of SF trained and certified consultants with vast expertise in the HCM domain and experience in SAP / SF engineering.
  • We have easy access to Mindtree SME’s who are part of the current SF development and QA teams.

Our service offerings

  • SF implementation service using their BizXpert methodology: successfully implemented across 3500+ SF customers.
  • Application change and reconfiguration services to:
    • Accommodate evolving customer changes
    • Introduce new or improved features in SF application
  • On demand or scheduled consulting services to accommodate events, annual or otherwise, in the customer’s enterprise.

Successful SF implementation at Mindtree Ltd.

Mindtree Ltd. was using SAP for their core HR management and other diversified applications, including SAP, MS SharePoint and applications – custom built using other platforms, for their talent management. They chose SF to replace their existing PMGM, compensation and recruiting applications, to enable Cloud applications. They also plan to take advantage of other module benefits of the SF application.

Business challenge

  • The existing application was highly customized to fulfill requirements, so the business process had to be remodeled, as per best practice in the HCM domain.
  • The SSO enabling the SF application was to have seamless access and authentication from the Mindtree network.
  • Data input was from multiple sources.

Customized solution

  • Our implementation team recommended the SF best practice, customized it to Mindtree requirements and simplified the whole goal setting and performance management process.
  • A couple of iterations were configured and demonstrated to suit the requirement, using agile methodology.
  • SSO issues were sorted out with the help of experts from Mindtree, SF SSO and Microsoft.


Mindtree People Function-Compass Team had to say the following:

‘Many thanks to the Mindtree SF implementation Team for 24x7 support in solving queries. We appreciate your suggestions in defining the process, facilitating demos and the learning sessions each time we requested for them. You went the extra mile to make sure that the solutions were achieved in the best possible manner. At every step, you made the effort to understand the requirement, tried every possible method to achieve the solution, irrespective of the time of the day or day of the week. It was fun, a pleasure and a high amount of learning to work with you.’

Unlock business potential with improved implementation

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