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Unlocked 30% capital by migrating data center to AWS


The Client

Leading multinational food manufacturing organization


  • Data Center migration from Rackspace to Amazon
  • 700 Digital properties to be migrated
  • Mitigate migration risk to targeted top sites considered “Crown Jewels”, which represented 75% of their traffic volume
  • Replacing EOL Google Search Appliance (GSA) with a cloud based search solution for 700+ applications


  • Detailed study of the application landscape and proposed the strategy and sequence of migration
  • Data center design including network, web application firewall, cloud monitoring
  • Factory-based use of third party tools for lift and shift scenarios
  • E-2-E Ownership of all technology stacks and infrastructure
  • Evaluated multiple cloud based enterprise search solutions to identify a suitable alternative to GSA. Developed an adapter component that interfaces the existing applications with the new search solution


  • Savings of 25% operational spend ($1M )
  • Time to Market reduced by 50%
  • 20% cost reduction on incumbent contract
  • Appli-structure, cloud-ops, dev-ops applied to keep platform availability at 99.9%
  • 700+ applications were integrated to the new search solution without any application code change
  • The Cost savings that we were able to drive over the years is as below
    • End of 2015 - Rackspace Costing was $ 130,000 per month
    • End of 2016 - AWS Cost post complete migration $ 92,000 per month – 29.2% savings
    • End of 2017 - AWS infra post optimization $ 74,000 per month – Savings of 43% as compared to 2015
Unlocked 30% capital by migrating data center to AWS

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