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US-based sports company leverages Oracle EBS application maintenance services to reduce costs


Executive Summary

The client had recently implemented the Oracle R12 EBS platform. It was looking to leverage Application Maintenance Services (AMS) and deploy enhancements to efficiently support the system, reduce maintenance overheads, and rapidly identify and resolve issues through proactive monitoring of business critical areas. Mindtree came on-board to provide multi-geo support across the entire process stream - documentation, agile management of solution enhancements, and P1 issue support to ensure business continuity. The result: reduced support and maintenance costs and minimal business disruption.

About the client

The client is a US-based golf company, a subsidiary of one of the top sports brand in the world, manufacturing golf clubs, bags and accessories.

The Challenge

The client had recently deployed the Oracle R12 EBS platform for its financial, SCM and manufacturing operations. However, the client and vendor support teams were constrained by the lack of thorough solution documentation on the highly customized EBS environment, preventing them from realizing the benefits of the platform. The client therefore wanted to leverage Oracle AMS to optimize the newly implemented platform as well as business processes across P2P, R2R, O2C and manufacturing - in multiple countries. In addition, the company wanted to enable solution enhancements, interface monitoring, and a robust error handling framework. It also needed adequate support for the Oracle apps administration in areas such as cloning, patching, issue resolution and key/business critical monitoring events.

Our solution

After conducting a deep dive assessment of the challenges confronting the client’s business, Mindtree enabled a unique collaborative support model - built with client support. This provided the client with multi-geo support coverage, ensuring prompt remediation of general issues, process impacts, as well as monthly closing issues. We also provided local support during the critical post go-live period to help the business adapt to the new EBS solution platform. In addition, we helped with the documentation of process greenbooks and solution handbooks to ensure complete knowledge transfer of business processes and complex integrations with third party systems. Our team also introduced 24-7 P1 issue support to address business disruption and agile management of solution enhancements to support growing business needs.


The Mindtree solution led to a multitude of benefits for the client, including significant reduction in support and maintenance costs. It enabled the client to:

  • Retain, train and redeploy internal teams to support the new platform through the collaborative support model.
  • Establish a core process and solution documentation repository that was built to address future needs, reducing the dependency on few critical resources to deliver support.
  • Rapidly identify and resolve business critical system issues through proactive monitoring.

Finally, to keep the synergies from the implementation going, we provided ongoing consultative and best practices recommendations for system improvements and efficiencies and solution enhancements.

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