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User experience design


We create and deliver delightful, intelligent and effective design solutions to organizations around the world. Our design interventions enlighten, inspire and provoke businesses to find their own next best innovation.

Mindtree's Experience Design Group (EDG) is an eclectic group of designers. This includes interaction, new media, industrial and visual researchers, information architects, artists and psychologists. This helps us approach business strategic scenarios from different paradigms, bringing in varied and fresh perspectives. This, in turn, enables business to offer the most nimble, effective and pleasant experience to their users and audience. We address the needs and aspirations of the end users and positively impact perceptions, brand value, market share and customer loyalty.

Our design offerings include:

  • Enterprise applications & collaboration, portal mobile apps & sites, digital marketing and e-Commerce
  • User experience consulting

User Experience

We know your customer

We first collect, analyze and research data. Only then do we start relating and connecting the dots. New patterns and stories emerge. They become the breeding ground for new conversations and ideas. We map them to a perceivable format - a bird’s eye view. Then we share them with all stake holders, to validate them and create a spring board to our concepts.

Research and assessment

  • User research
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Product framework
  • Usability assessment

We design experiences

True innovation requires more than just an idea; it requires deep insights, close collaboration and coordinated execution. Our mature methods and processes help us create smart ideas which delight both our customers and their end consumers.

User Experience Design

  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • Mobility data visualization
  • Cross channel experiences design

We articulate imagination

Far from being just pretty decorations, visual design dictates relationships, organization and interactions. We help our customers establish UX and UI design standards for progressively running programs to achieve design consistency across products.


  • Visual design
  • Style guides
User experience design

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