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Web Service Test Automation Framework (WSTAF)


Quicker, more reliable test automation

Today, a faster test cycle at lower cost is vital to stay competitive. Re-usable test automation frameworks coupled with open source tools and technologies is a key solution to shrink test cycle time and related costs. Automation and open source technologies come with inherent risks. This requires an expert in the field to deliver product requirements.

The solution

Mindtree leverages its years of automation expertise in open source technologies to bring you Web Service Test Automation Framework (WSTAF). It is a proprietary, easy-to-use, hybrid automation framework built on open source tools and utilities. WSTAF increases automation efficiency by minimizing initial coding effort. It allows you to quickly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests. It also enables you to quickly create advanced performance tests and run automated functional tests.

Web Service Test Automation Framework (WSTAF)

Technical details

Software and licenses:

  • Requires the following tools along with suitable add-ins:
    • SoapUI-Pro (1 License) (or) SoapUI-3.6.1
  • Robot Framework (Open Source):
    • Robot Framework 2.5.6
    • Ride 0.35.1
    • Python 2.6.5
  • Java:
    • jdk1.6.0_21
    • jre6
  • Hardware:
    - Desktops (1) - 3GB RAM with Windows XP SP3 and admin access
  • Network:
    - The firewalls for all the application servers and respective ports should be opened on both customer and Mindtree gateway
  • Support:
    - Point of contacts for tool administration and network configuration from customer and Mindtree

Success story

The customer, a global provider of real estate and relocation services engaged Mindtree to customize their listing, utility, security and authentication management product. As part of the testing engagement, we automated the test cases to test data accuracy and validation. We also maintained the automation with considerable reduction in every release cycle, execution effort and total test effort. Test automation was done by test engineers with basic scripting skills. This greatly reduced operational costs for the customer.

Key features

  • Generic, customizable framework for specific customer requirements
  • Flexible test suite and test case configuration
  • Facilitates test script creation with minimal coding and configuration effort
  • Offers user-defined exception logging along with custom exceptions
  • Instantly parse the request xml with inputs
  • Instantly sets the headers and assertions for SOAP requests
  • Automatically generates Xpath for property transfer to minimize time and effort
  • Minimal or no scripting required from the end user
  • Enhanced reports and logs for future reference

Key benefits

  • Robust, flexible and extensible framework to support test automation on diverse sets of web services
  • Significantly reduces initial coding effort
    - Enables you to quickly create advanced performance tests and run automated functional tests
  • Built on open source tools / libraries / frameworks to reduce your overall costs
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • High productivity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduces dependency on technically skilled resources
Web Service Test Automation Framework (WSTAF)

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