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A winning business case to mobilize your enterprise


Mobile solutions provide competitive advantage to companies and in the process redefine the way businesses manage their operations. Clients across industries are seeking to implement newer mobile solutions that engage customers, empower employees, and enable partners in meaningful ways. They are seeking to do so in a nimble,time efficient manner without significant capital expenditure (Capex).

Mindtree’s SAP Managed Mobility Services enable organizations to quickly and confidently mobilize their business with little complexity minimal set-up time, and zero infrastructure costs. It delivers a range of mobile solutions that addresses needs of the B2C and B2E market using SAP Mobile Platform. This will be delivered as-a-service on a per user per month subscription model. Mindtree provisions the SAP Mobile Platform and the apps on a secure Amazon cloud implemented in a short span of less than ten weeks and provides L2/L3 across the entire platform. Initially, Mindtree will deliver SAP’s Work Manager Application which will be extended over time to cover both bespoke and SAP mobile apps. The SAP Work Manager service includes SAP Work Manager product licenses, System Management and L2/L3 Support from Mindtree during standard business hours.

Key features of the solution:

  • Pay per user/ month – pay for services with no capex requirement
  • End-to-end services – installation, hosting, support and maintenance services included in the price per user
  • Upgrades – planned upgrade paths to ensure that the product is current
  • Faster time-to-market solutions – hit the ground running in less than ten weeks

Lending credence to our managed mobility offerings is our innovation lab, the Digital Pumpkin. With reusable solution patterns, industry-specific frameworks, diagnostic and optimization tools, we help clients harness the advantages of mobility at our mobility innovation lab.

A winning business case to mobilize your enterprise

Managed mobility offering for an efficient workforce

Today, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the standard way to manage and maintain physical assets such as plants, equipment and buildings. Each day, nearly five million maintenance technicians receive their daily work orders from EAM systems.

Currently, connecting technicians to the EAM system requires paperwork and extensive data entry. Technicians receive their work order and proceed to the appropriate work site. But, all steps between communicating the job to the technician to recording its completion, rely on paper forms and require manual database entry. This leads to loss of time and inaccuracies.

By definition of their responsibilities, all technicians are mobile, whether they are on the plant floor or at the customer's door. As they are disconnected from their source of information, they cannot do their jobs as effectively, resulting in:

  • Field inefficiencies due to non-availability of updated historical information on the equipment
  • Irregular updates and manual errors in data capture / meter readings
  • Poor quality of service due to lack of central access to user manuals and equipment maintenance history
  • Data accuracy issues because of multiple people manually updating system logs
  • Higher effort to train new workforce due to lack of graphical view of equipment or designs
  • Inconsistency in the level of detail and timelines of data entry

Mindtree helps its clients to transform the way they manage asset-intensive businesses with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) mobile apps. They improve business processes and execution, enhance safety and compliance and enable field workers to collaborate in real-time.

The apps help achieve faster time-to-value with reduced complexity. We offer financial flexibility with different payment models and customize apps to suit client needs.

Key benefits of Mindtree SAP EAM mobile apps:

  • Increased productivity - eliminates paper work orders and redundant data entry, thereby increasing productivity of technicians and administrative staff
  • Improved first-time fix rates - access to job plans, safety information, customer / order information and asset history at the point of performance enables workers to increase efficiency
  • Better planning and scheduling - delivers real-time data and enables managers to optimize shift schedules, prioritize assigned work to prevent bottlenecks
  • Greater utilization of applications - improves accuracy by 30 to 50 percent as data is captured for direct upload from the point of performance to back-office systems
  • Extended asset life - enables workforce to perform preventive maintenance and helps reduce unexpected outages and emergency fixes
  • Better customer engagement - provides the necessary tools to get the job done effectively the first time, resulting in enhanced customer experience and minimized cost of service
A winning business case to mobilize your enterprise

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