We’re in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s already having a profound impact on our lives and businesses.

Traditional levers of production, such as labor and capital, are showing diminishing returns. AI holds the power to turn back the tide. But to make it into a game changer, AI must become pervasive within the enterprise.

To understand the AI readiness of enterprises and how they Make AI Pervasive across the business landscape, we conducted a survey of 650 UK and US business leaders. The results identify the strategies that medium to large enterprises are adopting to industrialize AI at scale. The insights in this report can enhance your AI playbook, and accelerate your journey to being an AI-led enterprise.

The survey revealed the following key findings:

  1. Business leaders are still distracted by AI hype—only 31% of respondents have gained major value from their AI efforts.
  2. Enterprises need to become more agile—just 29% are confident that they’re agile enough to experiment with AI technologies.
  3. Data is the key to building an AI-led organization—51% don’t yet understand the data infrastructure needed to implement AI at scale.

Download our Make AI Pervasive report to know more about the current state of AI and discover three core principles that most successful organizations follow.

How to make AI your super power

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Go beyond the hype and make AI work for you

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About the Survey

The online survey was conducted by Censuswide and the data was gathered from a total of 650 global IT leaders, with an equal breakdown of 325 leaders from the UK and US. The sector breakdown is as follows: Manufacturing (100), FS (100), Retail (100), Travel (100), FMCG (100).

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