Mindtree Automotive Experience

Innovating the Future
of the Connected Vehicle

Mindtree is a specialist provider of outsourced engineering and intellectual property for connected vehicle systems and applications, with a 16-year track record of delivering to global OEMs, tier-1s and aftermarket system manufacturers. With deep expertise in embedded electronics, multimedia middleware, short-range wireless connectivity, user experience design, UI frameworks, video analytics, WAN applications, cloud engineering and big data analytics, Mindtree stands out from the pack in delivering seamless solutions towards the ultimate goal of driverless cars.

Mindtree operates in 5 connected vehicle segments



Safety Systems


In each of these segments, we take independent ownership, engineer devices, build differentiated applications, and provide testing support. We help our customers increase revenues through our technology based solutions and business models.


  • Vp Custom Systems

Advancements in Automotive Active Safety Systems

A whitepaper on Mindtree solutions for Active Safety elements such as monitoring road surfaces, driver drowsiness aversion and providing proactive, real-time alerts.