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Last week we hosted a webinar with Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Yakkundi and Mindtree’s EVP and Head of Digital Business, Radha R. As you might tell from the title of the webinar and this blog post, some concrete recommendations were offered. So rather than delay getting to the part that everyone is most interested in, let’s get to those three essentials:

Essential 1: Lead an Organizational Change

Companies embarking on a digital transformation need to rethink the way they divide roles and responsibilities. Serious thought needs to go into questions like: What roles are we hiring for? How are we collaborating across different lines and different groups within the organization? How can we get necessary buy-in from both top leadership, as well as the rank and file?

Essential 2: Invest in New, Modern Technology

We know that technology is merely a means to an end, not the answer itself. But today’s business problems will be solved with the aid of technology. The important thing is for companies to realize that they can’t just buy “technology in a box” and watch their problems disappear. Instead, companies need to think about these tools as part of a wider ecosystem of technology, with different essential pieces that need to be stitched together. The key element is making smart decisions when choosing and integrating the pieces that make the technology stack more modern and future-ready.

Essential 3: Use Services Partners Strategically

Many modern businesses use a mix of systems integrators, creative/design agencies, and consultancies to help them with their digital journey. It’s time to rethink the way these partners are leveraged. Companies need to use them more strategically and less like order-takers. Most critically, companies need to recognize when an organization – one you would want to use as your key “anchor partner” – has a good mix of all three attributes and the ability to collaborate across: tech capabilities, creative/design aptitude, and keen business thinking.

Four Steps to Begin With

Having three bits of essential advice is one thing, but what about some concrete advice about what to actually do? The webinar covered that as well. Forrester’s Anjali Yakkundi laid out a four-step plan to begin the journey:

  1. Identify one key customer touchpoint – ideally something small – that requires a more personal touch, and transform that one specific area.
  2. Choose a service partner willing to not only help you with the technology to support it, but also help you think through your business problem and how to re-define that touchpoint. Ask them to assess strategic, technology and design gaps.
  3. Look not just at specific technical features, but also determine what platforms are going to be most important in delivering your customer experience goals.
  4. Let the success of this small customer touch point transformation gain you a quick win, show a tangible business benefit, and then use it to evangelize a broader-scale cultural change.

This last point – becoming a change agent and getting to broader-scale cultural buy-in – is definitely your long-term goal. It’s a journey that will take a while, but by following the blueprint and choosing the right partners to help you along the way, you can certainly get there.


About the Author

Anil Venkat
Offerings Leader, Digital Business

With Mindtree, Anil works to develop sales plays and services catalogs for select offering areas in digital. He generates business with sales plays and select customer experience platform providers such as Adobe and drives sales enablement for faster market access and opportunity creation in digital for key accounts.

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