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Q: Where would you find Mindy Kaling, NASA’s Chief Scientist and The Killers together, hanging out with thousands of Digital Experience professionals?

A: At Adobe Summit—The Digital Experience Conference, in Las Vegas, from March 24th to the 28th!

This is one of the can’t-miss events of the year, particularly if you’re interested in the emerging trends, tools, and insights needed to create exceptional Digital Experiences for customers. It’s always an invaluable opportunity to learn and share knowledge with peers from around the world. The celebrities who host the ‘Summit Sneaks’ and the A-list bands who play at the bash ensure that everyone is having from sunup to sundown.

As an Adobe Business Partner with a fierce focus on helping brands deliver contextual and personalized experiences for their customers, we at Mindtree are excited to be at the Summit and thought we’d share a list of the themes and sessions we’re most excited about:

Personalization, now with AI under the hood

Enterprises are in a constant struggle to better understand their customers at an individual level to deliver personalized, digital experiences. AI is now helping them deliver effective personalization by combining multiple sources of structured and unstructured data, analyzing explicit and implicit preferences to continuously learn and adjust, and deliver personalized content at every stage of the customer journey.

But you don’t have to start with AI to deliver more personalized content and offers. Check out our whitepaper on the Personalization Effectiveness Model to see how.

Our top session picks:

Programmatic Advertising

As anyone who’s been following the developments in ad-tech knows, programmatic advertising is the biggest revolution of ad buying in the last 50 years! Unlike the long-established, old method which includes quotes, requests for proposals, tenders and human negotiation, programmatic advertising facilitates the use of algorithms and machine learning to buy media for advertising. Since its inception, it has been extremely beneficial for brands to reach prospective customers in real time and has also made the ad buying experience faster, cost-effective and simpler to run digital advertising campaigns.

Our top session picks:

Machine Learning and Data Science for Digital Asset Management

Seamlessly driving creative initiatives is no easy task – especially with the large amounts of digital assets we interact with in a daily basis. Gaps in the creative process in terms quality, time to market and standardization can negatively impact the bottom line. New technologies such as machine learning (ML) and Data Science are transforming Digital Asset Management, moving beyond just the logistics of creative and providing users with insights and intelligence to help eliminate inefficiencies, enable effective collaboration and improve time to market. Before these emerging technologies can be used to improve capabilities and accelerate the creative processes, organizations should first determine their readiness level, which we outline in this whitepaper.

Our top session picks:

We’d love to see you at Booth #933, where our experts will be happy to discuss these topics with you and share our experiences, or anything else that you’d like to discuss about Digital Experience delivery! We’re also showcasing some of the solutions we’re launching that help our clients create, deliver and optimize their customer’s Digital Experiences:

  • Creative Process Accelerator: Designed to reimagine the Creative Process, this solution allows marketers creating campaign content to store, discover and reuse assets. By combining the Adobe Experience Manager Assets solution for Digital Asset Management with Collaboration, Project Management and Workflow tools, digital-native professionals can eliminate efficiencies, streamline collaboration between teams and improve go-to-market speed while reducing the total cost of campaigns.

  • Customer Experience 360 (CX360): Leveraging the power of Adobe Experience Manager and Mindtree’s Customer Data Hub solution, CX360 enables marketers to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. Organizations across a wide range of industries, from Financial Services to Consumer Packaged Goods to Travel & Hospitality, can leverage the solution to analyze data from CRM and consumer data platforms to better understand consumer behavior, target the best segments, identify product gaps, and activate precise messaging to boost engagement and conversions.

Bonus: Once your meeting is scheduled, you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of Apple AirPods (all the better to get the irresistible earworm of When You Were Young lodged firmly in your head as you leave Vegas!)

About the Author

Suman Nambiar
Head - Strategy, Partners & Offerings, Mindtree Digital

With Mindtree, Suman works to develop sales plays and services catalogs for select offering areas in digital. He generates business with sales plays and select customer experience platform providers such as Adobe and drives sales enablement for faster market access and opportunity creation in digital for key accounts

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