Adil Shabbir

GM & Global Head of Consulting Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Adil Shabbir joined Mindtree in 2014. Most recently, Adil was the Vice President and Head of Product Development at Blackhawk Network where he drove the technology vision for solutions and platforms offered by Blackhawk. Blackhawk is a leading provider of payment solutions and formerly a part of the supermarket chain - Safeway. Prior to Blackhawk, Adil has served in technology consulting, product development, and senior leadership roles at Oracle, ADP, MCB Bank, PeopleSoft, and BenefitPoint. Adil lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two sons, who successfully manage to keep him on his toes and make his weekends an enjoyable blur.

Blogs by Adil Shabbir

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Wallet, wallet, everywhere…

Electronic containers for credit, debit and prepaid payment products, otherwise known as digital wallets, are designed to enhance consumer convenience while conducting transactions at onl...


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