Anil Venkat

Offerings Leader, Digital Business

With Mindtree, Anil works to develop sales plays and services catalogs for select offering areas in digital. He generates business with sales plays and select customer experience platform providers such as Adobe and drives sales enablement for faster market access and opportunity creation in digital for key accounts.

Blogs by Anil Venkat

Digital Marketing Excellence: Collaboration is Crucial

At Mindtree, we’ve been heralding the importance of having an “anchor partner” with a highly collaborative culture for digital marketing initiatives, but many people still wonder exactly ...


Analytics: Best Practices for the Engine That Will Drive Business

A group of executives have a meeting about using data to make decisions, transform the business, and drive growth.


Shoppers Will Share Personal Information (But They Don’t Want to be “Friends”)

As part of our ongoing coverage of insights gained from our new global shopper study, I want to write today about one of the strongest


Research reveals 5 best practices of world’s top marketers

Conventional wisdom always dies hard, but maybe nowhere harder than in marketing.


How an innovation incubator can keep companies ahead of the curve ?

We all know the promise that digital innovation holds in business, but sustaining that innovation can present a major challenge.


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