Ayushman Baruah

Senior Manager – Content strategy & marketing

Ayushman leads the Content strategy and marketing function at Mindtree. He has been a business and technology journalist for most part of his professional life and he is passionate about writing on emerging technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence. He has covered several global technology events and conferences during his career which gives him a ringside view of the industry.

Blogs by Ayushman Baruah

How automation is helping re-invent the workplace  

In contrast to some cynicism around automation that abhors it for taking away jobs, it can actually accelerate human capabilities and re-invent the workplace.


How automation is increasing the happiness quotient of employees

If one were to believe most media reports, automation should have made employees sad as it threatens their job. But the reality seems contradictory.


Automation isn’t a silver bullet, it must be a way of life

If the IT industry needs one buzzword to live with, currently it can’t live without automation.


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