Brendan Kavaney

Global Head of Field Marketing and Demand Generation

Brendan Kavaney- Possibilities Podcast Host and Global Head of Field Marketing and Demand Generation at Mindtree, a 20 year Marketer with a big passion for Marketing Technology and all things Digital. He leads a highly innovative team across a vast array of industries including Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing & Consumer Goods, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, Technology & Media.

Blogs by Brendan Kavaney

Revenue Management & Pricing: How One Informs the Other

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 13 Ask any analyst and they’ll tell you. Data is king.


3 Ways Technology Is Changing Education, IT Roles, & Solution Development

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 12 What does 25 years of IT experience in industries as varied as education and aerospace give you?


AI and Facial Recognition: The Ethical Dilemmas Facing the Future of Physical Security

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 11 “Starting tomorrow, you can throw your badge away, because you won’t need it to access the building anymore.”


3 Major Shifts From the Marketo Heyday to B2B Marketing Today

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 10 Digital transformation is simply this: When technology lets you solve a problem in a completely new way that somehow makes things better.


The 5 Steps You Need to Successfully Make it Through a Digital Transformation

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 8 Often when we think about innovation, we think about the big things like blockchain or machine learning.


Digital Transformation — Why We Still Need the Human Element

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 7 Data is not smart. Humans are smart.


How Digital Transformation is Impacting the Recruiting Industry

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 6 On today's episode of Possibilities, we're talking about how digital tra


How Omnichannel Is Changing the Game for Retail and CPG

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 5 Retail, CPG, digital transformation -- how do these all mix?


What Napster Taught Us About Media Content

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 4 Digitization isn’t coming to media companies. It’s already here. Just ask the music industry about the Napster panic.


Breaking Down Silos Improves Your Data Quality

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 3 Who owns “data quality” in your organization? If your answer is, “that’s the IT department’s job!” you may have some issues to solve.


4 Ways Banks Can Use Digitization to Transform Their Business

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 2 Banking customers have changed. No longer is providing security for funds the only concern -- security is simply table stakes.


How A Non-Traditional CIO is Using His Operations Background as an Advantage

Possibilities Podcast Episode: 1 If you thought all CIOs had to work their way up from the Help Desk, think again.


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