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Choosing the right CMS vendor

In part one of this series, we reviewed the top three evaluation criteria to consider when you’re choosing a CMS for your organization. While these criteria serve as a guide to finding the right CMS, other elements also play an important role. In this second installment, we’ll look at why it’s critical to investigate each CMS vendor’s financial stability, the state of its technology partner ecosystem, its product road map and its existing clientele.

Here are some additional components that should figure into your vetting process: pricing factors such as licensing cost, perpetuity versus subscription models, maintenance costs, professional services costs, version or patch upgrades costs, and so on. Plan to widen your research to include the vendor’s network of CMS professional services and implementation partners, as well as their availability in the open market ecosystem. Third-party evaluations from industry analysts are also worth looking into.

A proven approach to CMS analysis

If you think the evaluation process sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. Fortunately, Mindtree has a proprietary framework for evaluating CMS solutions for clients based on a logical set of more than 100 parameters. For each one, we assign a weighted score of 1 to 5 for its relative importance to the client’s situation and business goals. We also rank all shortlisted CMS vendors on a scale of 1 to 5 per the factors mentioned above. Multiplying the two values (company rank x parameter weight) gives us a weighted average score for the CMS options under consideration.

Using these scores, we conduct a proof of technology (PoT) with the top two contenders to make sure our client’s business and IT decision-makers get a firsthand look at each product suite before they make an investment. The PoT covers the features that are most relevant to the client’s organization.

We include a HTML markup for each CMS PoT so our client’s users and developers get a contextual feel for the solution’s capabilities. If our client operates in a cloud environment, we conduct the PoT in a cloud environment. The entire process, including a detailed CMS evaluation report and a PoT demo, takes about five to six weeks.

How one global company picked a CMS

A leading global provider of vehicle sharing and rental services wanted to migrate from its legacy form-based CMS. Although the existing CMS met basic needs, it required the company to maintain a separate mobile site and offered minimal personalization. New CMS feature requirements included a strong WYSIWYG editor, responsive web design, the ability to create segments and the means to direct personalized experiences to those segments. The CMS platform would be driving a multibillion-dollar booking engine, so the company’s success was riding on its choice. This enterprise turned to Mindtree for help.

We used our CMS framework to evaluate three leading CMS product suites using more than 65 parameters related directly to the company’s business needs. Then we picked the top two vendors based on the resulting weighted average scores. To help make its final decision, the company opted for a three-week PoT. We created a limited interactive website to give decision-makers a hands-on opportunity to validate the initial evaluation and explore the two suites’ critical features.

Thanks to Mindtree, the company felt confident in its multimillion-dollar decision to deploy a next-generation booking engine powered by an industry-leading CMS.

The bottom line

CMS evaluation is complex and time-consuming. But because this significant investment decision will impact the next five to seven years of your business, the effort and time are definitely worth it. Mindtree can help you get the most out of the selection process while working quickly and efficiently.

Interested in a Mindtree CMS vendor assessment for your company? Contact us today.

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