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As we help our clients shift to an Agile-driven product IT operating model, embedding DevOps, lean and automation in the DNA of the flow-oriented enterprise software delivery, a “Continuous Everything” mindset is critical to IT product success.

The approach is relevant not only for development but also for testing, governance, reporting, monitoring, integration and delivery. It removes all barriers that throttle down the value streams by focusing on concepts of agile, DevOps and automation, and gradually eliminating non-value adding elements. As a holistic approach, it reimagines the end-to-end value chain of development, including tools integration, engineering practices and people mindset.

Different stakeholders in the IT product lifecycle have varying expectations. Developers look for faster response time while maintaining the highest quality. Sales and business development managers want “more done for less”. Product owners strive to stick to their “roadmap with deadlines”. Business leaders want to build agility to respond to market conditions faster. It’s possible to fulfil all of these mandates using the “Continuous Everything” approach - the foundation of Mindtree’s “Single Thread Delivery Framework”. Our proprietary meta-platform CAPE (Continuous Automation Platform For Enterprise) enables Continuous Everything underpinned by the “Single Thread Delivery Framework”. The result: the ability to fulfil quality at the speed of business for both our internal teams as well as clients.

Continuous Everything

The benefits of Continuous Everything: Everyday, businesses strive to bring new products to the market faster, putting the pressure on IT teams to complete the lifecycle from - ideation to development and release - at a faster pace while maintaining the highest quality. “Continuous Everything” helps organizations achieve this critical mandate for competitive advantage through a shorter feedback loop and end-to-end automation. By creating an efficient and agile organization with frictionless flow of information, it can drive productivity improvements ranging from 25% to 45%.


About the Author

Umesh Krishnamurthy
Head of Value Definition

Umesh Krishnamurthy is the Head of Value Definition at Mindtree’s Integrated Services. He has over 20 years of experience in creating solutions for clients facing complex challenges in leveraging modern technologies.

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