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CPG organizations have traditionally focused on driving sales at stores. Digital is forcing marketers to architect new ways of influencing their consumers to make relevant purchases. Even though marketers have a plethora of tools at their disposal, they continue to struggle to deliver seamless and personalized experiences, and optimize marketing spends.

Data-driven marketers are building customer data hubs and developing analytical models/algorithms using the computing power of Cloud. This would enable higher conversions, targeted recommendations and maximize return on marketing investments.

We recommend that marketers adopt a four-pronged approach to win in the age of personalization:

  • Understand the key experience break-points for consumers when engaging with brands
  • Get a holistic picture of their consumers across the online and offline channels
  • Test and validate marketing use cases with defined KPIs
  • Optimize the marketing investments and campaign effectiveness

So, the secret sauce is to build a consumer-centric marketing ecosystem that has capabilities to enrich the consumer persona, create consumer segments at speed and transcend from a rule-based to recommendation-based personalization. Marketers will need a robust scalable data science platform powered by high speed computing and machine learning capabilities to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across channels, devices and platforms.

Decision Moments Built on Azure Leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud

The building blocks of Decision Moments are:

  • Customer/Consumer 360 – Integrating offline and online data at scale and speed
  • Modeling Sandbox – Testing and validating use cases using data science and ML algorithms
  • Consumer Insights – Discovering actionable insights based on single view of customer
  • Marketing Apps – Enabling repeat usage of algorithms, insights and downstream integration
  • API – Pre-built templates for data push and pull into Adobe Experience Cloud

Decision Moments for Marketers to the Elevate Customer Experience

Value Levers for Empowering CPG Marketers with Actionable Insights

Integrate offline and online data – Using pre built templates and algorithms to stitch digital footprints and store level transactions with attributes such as geography, demographics, coupons, activations and data markers

Consumer segments and micro-segments for targeting – Enriching offline and digital data with micro segmentation, response modeling and product recommendation algorithms for effective targeting.

Increase the consumer life time value - Effective targeting to improve the consumer engagement and loyalty for cross sell and upsell.

Accelerate consumer engagement with low engagement brands - Creating segment-specific experiences for low engagement brands with minimal digital influence to increase brand equity

Optimize marketing spends and maximize ROMI - Delivering personalized recommendations on consumer, product, channel and offer to increase conversions.

Decision Moments for Marketers will be showcased at the Adobe Summit 2018. Meet our experts to experience the demo at booth #159.


About the Author

Jayashree Iyangar
Data Science GTM Lead, Digital Business

Jayashree is an Analytics Consultant with 15 years of experience in analytics consulting and insights delivery. She leads the go-to-market for data science in the customer marketing area. Jayashree began her career with airport operations and played different roles in across sales, marketing and analytics.

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