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Through the years, as we helped various clients along the way with their digital journeys, one need remained as a constant pain point: data analytics. Data was coming in so fast, from so many places, in such large amounts, that it was all just too much to keep up with and corral.

Even those who had a decent handle on storing their data would fall short when trying to put it to use. The turnaround cycle for forming and testing a hypothesis could be so long, that only the truly big ideas could be tested. What companies really wanted was a platform that could be put in the hands of many business users across an organization, allowing for fast testing of even small ideas that—when added up over time—can create significant value.

That’s why Mindtree is proud today to announce the release of Decision Moments, the first data analytics platform that applies continuous learning algorithms to large data pools, allowing businesses to quickly generate meaningful and compelling insights that improve over time.

You can read the press release to understand the basics of the technology behind Decision Moments, but I wanted to use this space to talk through details of the key features and functionalities of this new platform.

Faster Decision Making

By ingesting heterogeneous data sources into a business data lake, companies can use Decision Moments to make the right decisions, faster. Business users have self-service access to manage their own data ingestion, while audits for ingested/incoming data are automated. Dashboards provide governance of the large data lake, while the platform ensures infinite data fan-in and fan-out for efficient storage and linear scalability of data producers and consumers.

Immediate Analytical Capabilities

With more than 20 industry-specific machine-learning algorithms built in, Decision Moments can make a meaningful impact “right out of the box.” It allows for customer acquisition through look-alike modeling techniques, and derives customer lifetime value through clustering and regression analysis that understand perception, behavior and experiences of product and service offerings. The deep learning techniques inside, such as image recognition and text mining, help automate customer service operations and conversational bots while recommendations for next best product launch come with collaborative filtering techniques.

Building blocks of Decision Moments

Built-In Business Apps

Decision Moments includes 25 business apps across retail, consumer goods, travel, banking and insurance, allowing users to take advantage of pre-populated data sets. Omnichannel and API-driven for a consistent user experience, the platform is constructed on a reactive paradigm philosophy to enable app resilience and enhance consumer engagement quotients. Built-in self-service business intelligence and visualization capabilities speed decision making, while a robust information triad brings confidentiality, integrity and availability to protect consumer and enterprise data.

Design Store

A design store with pre-built technology components for big data programs give businesses instant access to secure and cross-tentant data isolation and availability, plus devops and automation for big data applications to jumpstart insights generation. A unified API interface supports polyglot data management, while multi-dimensional data analytics on big data help businesses obtain insights with a 720 degree view.

Cloud-native Solution

Decision Moments provides the right mix of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to deliver the speed and flexibility that companies need to outpace their competitors. It allows organizations to build Analytics as a Service (AaaS) for ease of integration with big data ecosystems and consistently generate insights from the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data.

Modeling Workbench/Sandbox

Decision Moments lets IT departments create analytical sandboxes where users can collaborate rapidly and effectively, to discover unknown insights from data and validate their insights before maximizing investments. Businesses can assess performance, security and fitment of the big data tool set with the broader and existing technology landscape to identity the right mix, while rapid exploratory data analysis can measure data quality and build analytics models for business problem.

These capabilities add up to a powerful platform that can be deployed across the entire organization, including sales, marketing, finance, human resources and service. From one end of the value chain to the other, Decision Moments allows your business to get faster, smarter and more efficient.

Reach out to us to get a free consultation on Decision Moments.

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