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Author: Ananthanatarajan Muthusamy |07/07/17

Delighting Customers, 1 ticket at a time


Mindtree provides enterprise technical support to large Fortune 500 companies in the technology industry. We have around 3000 technical support engineers, based in US and India within our Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) practice.

The following post is about our experience in supporting a large Independent Service Vendor (ISV) and meeting their stringent customer satisfaction (CSAT) Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Mindtree provides direct customer support to this ISV’s end customers using voice, email and chat channels. The End customers comprise large enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and startups. Since we provide support for ISV’s cloud services and COTS applications, people reaching out to us are technical people from the IT operations and development teams. We have ~300 engineers working for this ISV from US and India.

Stringent CSAT SLAs

The ISV has aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with its end customers including penalty for SLA violations. SLAs include response time, resolution time and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Hence, the ISV has devised back-to-back stringent SLAs with its service providers as well. CSAT is measured on a 5-star scale. Customers can rank their support experience as “poor” (1-2 stars), “ok” (3 stars) and “good” (4-5 stars). To ensure delighted customer experience, the ISV has defined the following SLA metrics for service provider like us.

  • % of customer CSATs with “good” rating (4-5 stars) =>60%
  • % of customer CSATs with “poor” rating (1-2 stars) =<10%

Some other factors we need to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. We are required to meet both the SLA metrics mentioned above.
  2. We have no control, over the way the CSAT survey is administered by the ISV. The ISV has an organization-wide methodology of choosing which customers need to be surveyed.
  3. We, as service providers, cannot increase the sample size of the CSAT Survey.
  4. In case even one customer gives “poor” rating (1-2 stars), it will reflect badly on us.
  5. The survey is conducted on a monthly basis.
  6. Customers who have given us “ok” rating (3 stars) and those who have not responded to the survey, will not be considered in the SLA metric.
  7. We are organized in 20 different teams for different products and services for this ISV
  8. Monthly, we receive ~10, 000 new tickets for resolution.
  9. Further, most of the customers respond to CSAT surveys only when they want to share their poor support experience.

1 ticket at a time

During the onboarding process, we assessed these stringent SLAs and developed a customized approach. Our design principle was to manage 1 ticket at a time and ensure the customer’s stated problem is resolved to his satisfaction.

Our way of working is summarized below:

Delighting Customers, 1 ticket at a time

By adopting this method of ticket resolution with iterations based on changing customer landscape, we have been able to consistently deliver upon these stringent SLAs.

Over the last 2 years, we have also gained the confidence of our ISV customer and grown the customer experience practice, manifold.

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