Dinesh Kalidoss

General Manager

Dinesh is global head of insurance solutions and consulting in Mindtree. He has over two decades of experience working for insurers globally. He has been involved in several large scale Digital and Core business transformation. He has also been involved in advisory capacity in Business Strategy implementation, Process Redesign and IT Strategy for global insurers.

Blogs by Dinesh Kalidoss

The Path to Intelligent Automation – Technologies and Approaches Complementing RPA

Automation, as a buzz word, is closely tied to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.


Will Intelligent Automation help Traditional Insurers Compete in a Digital Economy?

“Has the insurance industry encountered its Amazon moment”? Well, opinions may differ on this subject.


Implementing 360-degree view of Insurance Customer – A Practitioner’s Perspective

A key initiative in digital transformation for most insurers is establishing a single view of the customer. Why insurers need a single view? What is customer 360-degree view in insurance?...


Gamification’s Role in the Insurance Domain

What is Gamification? Is Gamification only about building a game within business applications? Not really!


Conversational BOTs in Insurance Industry – Hype or Reality?

The reaction of Insurers when posed with the question “Where do you think Conversational Technology is headed?” is: “We are observing this area”, “Definitely going to have a role to play ...


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