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Possibilities Podcast Episode: 15

4 days.

170,000+ attendees.

Everyone from tech CEOs to Deepak Chopra to Megan Rapinoe.

Dreamforce 2019 #DF19 was a smashing success. People came from all over the globe to hear about the latest Salesforce innovations, the latest acquisitions, and the latest technology bombshells coming from their camp.

On a recent episode of The Possibilities Podcast, we sat down with Eric Scheel, CTO at Magnet360, a Salesforce consulting partner, to talk all about the latest Salesforce announcements, Customer 360 Truth, customer reactions, and the biggest challenges he sees when helping companies implement digital transformation.

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Customer 360 Truth

What is Customer 360 Truth?

It was one of the big announcements that came out of #DF19 this year, and it can be tricky to sum it up.

It’s part data manager, part identity provider for customers, part privacy and data governance controls, and a host of other things.

But at its core, it’s one thing:

It is unifying audiences for business to be able to understand the customer and to meet them where they are from a marketing perspective.

It is about connecting the dozens and dozens of acquisitions Salesforce has announced over the years, from Tableau to Marketing to Commerce.

But how are the customers reacting?

Customer Reaction

While customer reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, they’ve also been a bit guarded, and honestly who can blame them?

The idea of bringing a single source of truth is very appealing. Who wouldn’t want a more unified and streamlined approach?

But these companies also understand that a single source of truth sits at the very source of digital transformation for their organizations, and they realize that it's not going to be easy. It’s going to take a lot of work, and a lot of perseverance to make it work.

The fact that Salesforce has a product that’s going directly at this category is a huge win. In fact, some of the first users of Customer 360 Truth are going to be large enterprises that have multiple instances of Salesforce that need to communicate with one another.

And if it can work at scale for a Fortune 100 company, it can work for yours too.

CRM: The New Black

If you go all the way back to the very beginnings of CRM, back to the invention, it was labeled as a $2 billion market. That’s a lot of dollars.

But fast forward to today, and it’s no longer just a market. It’s no longer just a product. It’s a $148 billion+ INDUSTRY. There are whole conferences and companies dedicated solely to CRM.

Why the jump?

One of the reasons is that integration is being included in the definition of CRM now. It’s not just tracking customer data anymore, it’s about digitizing the customer journey — true organizational transformation that’s creating a truly digital experience.

No wonder it’s blowing up.

The Challenges?

So why isn’t every company jumping at this? Why aren’t new Salesforce consulting companies having to open up daily to meet the demand?

One of the main reasons, according to Eric, is the challenge in keeping up with the innovation coming out of Salesforce.

They know the marketplace challenges. They know the digitization processes. They know that they need to use AI to predict customer’s needs and anticipate reactions. But they find it difficult or challenging to get the most out of all the features and capabilities that the Salesforce tools have to offer.

This is why Dreamforce is such a stellar conference.

Allowing folks to come together and realize that they don’t have to tackle the whole problem at once. They realize they can start small. And the biggest “aha moment” that happens every year at Dreamforce?

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