Dwight Kingdon

Program Director - Agile CoE

Dwight Kingdon is an Agile Coach at Mindtree. He is a thought leader in Agile methods and best practices, leveraging many years of software development, analysis, project management and leadership experience. Dwight has 25+ years of project management experience leading complex information technology projects, and over nine years of Agile/Scrum experience coaching and leading high profile, mission critical projects.

Blogs by Dwight Kingdon

Communicate to be Understood, Not Just Heard

One of my favorite quotes from the famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, is: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Have you ever b...


Overcoming Agile Challenges in the New Normal

When times change, our way of working changes as well. Many of us work remotely – away from those we used to work with all week.


Handling Conflict at a Distance

Things are not what they used to be. Many are now working remotely for the first time in their lives – away from those they are used to being with for five days a week.


Is Agile Accountability an Oxymoron?

Despite what some people may think, accountability and Agile are not mutually exclusive.


Clear as Mud – Attaining Real Transparency in Agile

How transparent are you? How transparent is your team, your organization?


Agile and the 2 Minute Rule

Procrastination is defined as delaying or postponing something. Procrastination creates waste. Think about it. When you procrastinate, you waste mental energy thinking about the unfinis...


Being Agile Without Being “Agile”

Have you noticed that the word “Agile” sometimes scares people? It could be that their perception is that “going Agile” will eliminate their role or mess with their routine.


7 Tips for Better Daily Stand-ups

How have your Daily Stand-ups been lately? Do you look forward to them? Are they interesting, brief, and helpful?


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