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Facial recognition is making a lot of progress in the digital world. An individual’s facial features are mapped mathematically and stored in the form of face prints in facial recognition technology. These stored face prints are then matched with the live capture to verify an individual’s identity.

Lately, mobile app of master card has started using fingerprint or facial recognition to verify and authenticate online payments. Mobile devices with high quality camera has made facial recognition a viable option for verifying identity and authenticating people. Most of the phones getting launched in the market are coming with an inbuilt face recognition technology which lets users to unlock their phones just by scanning the face. Along with its popularity across the digital world, enterprises are also taking this logical development seriously to confirm an order or to make a payment.

Facial recognition is getting wider acceptance among people and they are not hesitant of sharing their biometric information. Organizations are also trying to analyze the face/image for receiving additional information from the recognized image. This is where facial analysis comes into picture and helps in providing various insights like age and gender of visiting customers, identification of unique and repeated customers, frequency of returning customers, customer dwell time, different emotions that flash on customers’ faces and so on. This array of information helps organizations to serve their customers better by providing personalized services & products and curating a satisfactory customer experience.

Insights that are mined from different recognized faces can help organizations in many ways. Some of the scenarios are listed below:

  1. Gathering feedback on the go. Usually, customers give feedback on the services received or products bought, either through paper or through a few digital channels like mobile apps or websites. But, these mediums do not help people in expressing themselves clearly and ultimately, they may or may not share their views. If they do, it is likely to be after a delayed time period, which makes the feedback potentially inaccurate. Facial analysis will be of help in this case, as it immediately captures the overall experience of the consumers who have just received the service or product.
  2. Identifying patient in healthcare industry. The facial recognition and analysis technologies can help in identifying the patient & the drug consumed by him/her. These technologies can also visually confirm if the drug has been ingested correctly.
  3. Easing the process of payments and verification in ecommerce industry. Giants like Alibaba have been working on making the payments process easier, where the customers could make payment just through their image. Amazon is also using facial recognition to eliminate fraud by including a verification step after taking selfie.
  4. Customizing the bill boards based on the emotions. The information gathered from shoppers’ faces can be used for flashing ads relevant to the current emotion. These types of ads could be leveraged to nudge additional sales for retailers.

Facial recognition and analysis are evolving technologies when it comes to machine and human interaction. One must also keep in mind that these technologies can sometimes create a shady feeling if the customers are unaware of their constant monitoring. And, when it comes to implementation, organizations and customers should be mindful of various data privacy laws out there.

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Felix Joy
Associate consultant, Mindtree

Felix is a Business consultant within The Digital Pumpkin Group of Mindtree. As a Business consultant, Felix assists enterprise clients to define problem statements in business terms, building personas and developing journey map on these personas to represent how customers are interacting with a brand.

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