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Author: Srinath Srinivasan |10/20/16

Getting to the “Krux” of Salesforce with Einstein

This year, the Dreamforce conference drew more than 170,000 customers and partners to San Francisco to learn about new Salesforce product announcements and acquisitions, see demonstrations and gain hands-on experience with engineers from the Salesforce community.

The two highlights of the four-day conference were the introduction of Salesforce Einstein and the acquisition of Krux. Einstein is the artificial intelligence built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. It helps users discover deeper insights, predict outcomes more effectively, determine next actions, and automate tasks for sales leaders, service agents, marketers and IT leaders.

By simplifying data science into plug-and-play software for any application, Einstein can help improve resourcing and speed time to market. It was built as a platform component to ensure data consistency across sales, service and marketing. With Einstein, all customer care representatives can have access to the same information about a customer, which allows them to provide the same level of personalized experience.

While the introduction of Einstein is exciting news about artificial intelligence applications, the Krux acquisition means advancements in the underlying data that powers intelligence. Through this acquisition, Salesforce brings in-house the data needed to conduct large-scale audience segmentation and targeting. Named by Forrester as a leader in the DMP space, Krux was a natural acquisition target for Salesforce. It gives Salesforce the ability to churn large amounts of structured and unstructured data to target consumers better and create more valuable customer experiences.

The power of data through Krux and intelligence from Einstein will propel Salesforce applications into a different league. While other CRM systems focused on process complexity, Salesforce led the market with simplicity through user experience and redefined the playing field by moving onto data-powered intelligence.

This was an interesting year for Salesforce, with many notable acquisitions and product innovations. Next we hope to see the company build or acquire a content management system, and we’re looking forward to Dreamforce 2017.

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