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Author: Manoj Karanth | 02/20/17

Going cloud-first: A winning foundation for digital success

Cloud computing has driven business transformation around the world for more than a decade. Across industries, the universal accessibility and platform scalability of the cloud gives leading organizations the ability to innovate more rapidly and deliver new features and services to customers.

In recent years, successful “cloud first” companies like Netflix, Uber and Airbnb have leveraged the cloud’s agility to become today’s market disrupters. However, starting out on the cloud and transitioning a legacy business to a cloud-first model are two very different journeys. How your business addresses these unique challenges can mean the difference between getting ahead of competitors or falling behind.

Cloud-first success starts with the right anchor partner

Every company begins its cloud journey from a unique starting point and with its own objectives. Some intend to free up budgets for digital transformation, while others seek to off-load non-mission-critical applications to improve productivity and collaboration. Wherever you find your business on the cloud spectrum, finding the right anchor partner is essential. Look for a cloud solution partner that:

  • Designs and engineers continuously available cloud-based business applications
  • Builds cloud-based business applications for speed to market
  • Migrates quickly to the cloud and can scale in a factory-based model
  • Integrates systems of engagement, innovation and record for faster results
  • Manages, monitors, analyzes and optimizes cloud operations with consistent governance and high quality of service

Having the right anchor partner can help you create a future-ready cloud foundation or manage an existing robust cloud environment—and be there to support you at each of the seven stages of a successful cloud transformation.

In the final blog of this series, we provide examples of global leaders across industries that have succeeded at each stage of the cloud journey.

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