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Microlearning allows learners to select and use assets most relevant to their current needs on any convenient device; this makes the training much useful to their work. The choice microlearning gives to choose whatever learners want to focus makes it very engaging and efficient. The ability to support microlearning across multiple languages and devices is almost ubiquitous across various microlearning platforms, but there are some things that aren’t so common. Here are six crucial things to consider when selecting a microlearning platform.

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The capability of the vendor to provide a microlearning ecosystem

While a microlearning platform is very important, it is just the beginning. The vendor should also be capable of collaborating with microlearning content providers who offer consultancy services to plan and structure a well-oiled ecosystem. It should also help you move away from a legacy LMS system or integrate the old system with new.

Benefits the Platform Offers

It is well known that Microlearning offers substantial benefits for both the employees and organizations in terms of engagement by providing a few activities like:

  • Gamification
    It is important to have Gamification concepts wired into your microlearning platform without much efforts for the administrators. This will enable the employees to stack and measure their skills against the rest of the team. Even simple fulfilment processes like sending a certificate on completion of an event or awarding a user with badges enhances employee/partner participation.
  • Polls
    Getting feedback from employees on various aspects related to companies are done through microlearning platforms. The platform also enables the organization to measure poll results and export it to draw insights.
  • Contest, Quizzes and Forums
    An ideal microlearning platform must help to conduct contests related to the understanding of the product or the industry and notify the results. The platform must also integrate easily with employee forums such as yammer and so on.

Integration of new microlearning platform with the existing learning system

At times, investments might have been already made in a learning management system which can't be replaced. So, the new microlearning platform should be able to integrate with your old LMS if required. It should ideally have an out of the box integration with your organization’s ID management system and various content sources or have an open architecture to integrate with other enterprise systems.

Easiness in administering courses

Administering courses must be easy and intuitive: uploading new content or modifying the existing ones should happen without any intervention from the vendor.

The analytical capabilities of the Platform

The microlearning platform should provide the data regarding usage in an easy-to-understand format. The platform should give the statistics on the number of people who completed the courses or classes with insights into the most viewed or liked content.

Adaptive and chat-based learning

Vendors usually opine that adaptive and chat-based learning are the coolest thing since the invention of the wheel but check if these features live up to the cost-benefit analysis. Also check if there is an extensive library for microlearning content which makes adaptive or chat-based learning important.

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General Manager – ERB, Mindtree

Binoj Balakrishnan is a veteran business leader with 20+ years of software industry experience who has built and managed multiple consumer and enterprise grade products. His expertise spans across Product engineering, Product strategy and roadmap for SaaS based products like Smart Building, Smart logistics, Enterprise learning and mobility solutions using Cloud, Big Data, Internet Of Things (IOT), AI etc. Currently, he heads the of Product and Platforms group at Mindtree.

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