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Author: Rishab Choraria |09/29/17

How Smart Buildings enhance occupant comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability

Smart building technologies are changing the future of our buildings as they exist today. Now, the ability to speak and listen isn’t limited to human beings alone. Digitization is giving even buildings a voice! And when buildings and their systems begin to speak and communicate, the possibilities are limitless.

Imagine driving into your building’s parking lot. As you drive in, you receive a notification on your mobile about the nearest empty parking spot or the nearest charging point available for your electric car. You walk towards the elevators and the security system authenticates your presence and lets you through security, uninterrupted. Simultaneously, the building’s heating, cooling and air conditioning system dynamically regulates itself to ensure a comfortable environment based on its awareness about the number of people in the building in real-time. If you are feeling too hot or too cold, the building listens to you and immediately adjusts the temperature to suit your comfort level.

The interaction isn’t limited to occupants alone. Digitization can help building devices and equipment communicate amongst themselves and with the associated IT systems. For instance, as soon as a building equipment/system encounters a fault, it can trigger a ticket in the ticket management systems and alert the concerned technician via an email. Similarly, it can help reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint based on factors like occupancy levels and actual need. Needless to say, the application areas of digitization in building systems are endless…

Digitization is definitely the next stage of evolution for buildings and facilities, and we at Mindtree are doing our bit to make it happen. Come, checkout our Next-gen Building Solutions at Gitex, 2017 – Reimaging realities, Dubai between Oct- 8 and Oct-12.

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