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We all know learning is a continuous process. And learning must be fun as it is informative! With the introduction of technology, learning has now becoming more accessible. But to make learning more engaging, enjoyable and memorable, many organizations are now moving to the concept of Gamified Learning.

Nowadays, the concept of gamification is widely used in the CPG industry. It helps to integrate the learning platform with game mechanics wherein we will have leaderboards, journey map, rewards, feedback options, etc. When the users see points coming up and their names flashing up in their leaderboard, they enjoy the proof of their hard work.

Let’s get into some statistics now! (Source)

  • The gamification market is valued to be worth $2.8 billion over next 2 years
  • In North America, 87% of retailers are planning to use gamification to engage customers in coming five years, Also 70% of top 2000 companies are using it right now
  • Post Gamification Growth Statistics, it’s estimated that there would be an increase of:
    47% Client Engagement
    22% Brand Loyalty
    15% Brand Awareness

Gamification in CPG Industry

Consumer packaged goods companies are struggling to maintain growth in harsh economic times, as well as taking a hit from retailers that push private-label brands and look to control the consumer relationship.

So now what brands can do to engage their shoppers is to engage them digitally? According to eMarketer, the average social gamer is not a millennial, but a 43-year-old woman who is one of the main target customers for many CPG brands.

Let us take some real examples in CPG Industry now (CPG). Companies are driving brand engagement through social media, QR Codes etc. General Mills gave their consumers a chance to scan the QR codes on the boxes for a peek at how their food is made, some recipe tips, and also entertainment activities and games. For CPG firms, this capability also helps to trace QR code traffic data. (Chiefmarketer)

Brands like Arizona Iced Tea and Chobani have offered badges to users who check-in and review their favorites, they offers extra incentives for people who recommend their favorite CPG lines and items.


In real time cases, Gamification can very well be used for training purposes in companies, wherein the employees are trained on the brands, what tips to use, whom to target etc. Gamification now allows managers push traits of gaming into training, marketing, product design, and everyday work experience. (eLearning Industry)

Mindtree has developed a mobile application which offers a gamified learning experience where the users get to learn more about different brands, what is the right advertisement to be used, who are the target customers etc. It is an interactive app with quizzes, leaderboards, forums, rewards etc.

Ultimately, Gamification helps us to monitor how consumers interact with their favorite brands, it also helps to gain a lot by learning and create more and better rewards, perks and games that match the interests and behaviors of their target market.

Now, after reading this blog, is Gamification something that interests you? To know more about Gamification, click here

(Other references used include Online Quiz Creator and Mindtree)


About the Author

Divya Vijay
Senior Associate

Divya is a senior associate working for CPG company under the Digital Business group. Prior to joining Mindtree Divya has an experience in telecom and has worked with Ericsson for almost 2 years. Currently working with different brands in CPG company as a business analyst. Divya has already worked in the Deveops, Gamify project and currently working on Product recommender Project.

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